West Demerara Cricket Association

The West Demerara Cricket Association is a sub-organisation of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB), with jurisdiction over an area from Boereserie Creek on West Coast Demerara to Patentia on West Bank Demerara (See map below).

New Line Aqua Farm owner Salim Azeez was a patron of West Demerara cricket for many years. Apart from sponsoring competitions he helped financially to improve the Canal Number 2 ground, and sponsored Cultural Cricket Club.

Past presidents include: Vishnu Shradananda (2006-2007).

Member clubs include:

All Youths Cricket Club, Bell Vue Cricket Club, Canal No 2 Cricket Club (Canal No 2 ground), Cornelia Ida Cricket Club (Cornelia Ida ground), Crane Cricket Club, Cultural Cricket Club, Den Amstel Cricket Club, Kamuni Cricket Club, La Grange Cricket Club, Leonara Cricket Club, Malvern Cricket Club, McGill Superstars Cricket Club, Meten-Meer-Zorg Cricket Club (Meten-Meer-Zorg ground), Meten-Meer-Zorg East Cricket Club (Meten-Meer-Zorg ground), New Windsor Cricket Club, Patentia Cricket Club, Players Cricket Club,  Uitvlugt Cricket Club (Uitvlugt ground), United Cricket Club, Versailles Cricket Club, Vive La Force Cricket Club, Wales Cricket Club, Vriesland Cricket Club and Windsor Forest Cricket Club.


2009 Activities

  • Zeeburg won the Barakat Brothers 40-overs competition (Kaieteur News).
  • Other competitions included the DCB Hand-in-Hand Second Division 50-overs knockout competition and Cecil Persaud Under-15 competition.

2008 Activities

  • New Line Aqua Farm sponsored the WDCA 20/20 competition.
  • Rabindranauth Seeram was replaced as WDCA coach and DCB selector by Krisenchand Mangal. Seeram's services as a cricket coach for WDCA was being paid for by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

2007 Activities

  • WDCA president Vishnu Shradananda was removed by a no-confidence vote and replaced by Anand Sanasie. (See Stabroek News article here.)
  • Teams under the WDCA competed in New Line Aqua Farm 40-overs competition, which was won by McGill Superstars of Canal No 1 (Stabroek News).

2006 Activities

  • Vishnu Shradananda was elected president of WDCA.



Map of West Demerara