Demerara Cricket Umpires &Scorers Association

Norman Gonsalves
Date published: 
Kaieteur News

The Demerara Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association (DCUSA) held its Annual General Meeting and Elections at CCWU building on Thursday, 10 Feb 2011. The following officials were elected.

2011 Officials
President: Grantley Culbard
Vice-President: Nigel Duguid
Secretary: Nolan Hawke
Treasurer: (Pending until 28 Feb)
Asnt Secretary
(Pending until 28 Feb)
Public Relations
Sean Devers
Committee members: Colin Alfred, Matthew Kissoon and Ernest Hinds

The new President said that, from observation, the best run unit of the Association is the Georgetown Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association (GCU&SA) and there is need to assist the other units to operate at a similar level. Culbard stated that the business ahead would include working to strengthen the weaker units and have dialogue with the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB), as soon as that body resolves its own problems, to look after the interests of umpires and scorers.

Emphasis will also be placed on attracting and training younger persons to take up duties in umpiring and scoring. The President added that fund-raising activities will be planned to assist as many DCUSA members as possible to attend the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association Convention in St. Lucia in July.