Rudolph Haynes

Norman Gonsalves
Date published: 
Guyana Chronicle

Rudolph William Haynes was born on the June 28, 1928. He died on 24 February 2011 at the Bell Israel Hospital, Newark, New Jersey, on February 24  after a prolonged illness. Mr Haynes was a pleasant and jovial individual who had a joke for almost any occasion. There was never a dull moment when he was around.

As a player he was an opening batsman for the YMCA Cricket Club. Like most umpires, ‘Haynesy’, as he was called within the umpiring fraternity, became an umpire after he quit the game as a player. It was his greatest desire to officiate in a Test match, but never did. It was especially disappointing for him that another umpire (David Narine) came from behind him and officiated in a Test match.

Mr Haynes came closest to umpiring an international match in 1989, when the West Indies played India in a limited overs international at Bourda, in Georgetown. After the assigned umpires were late he officiated for the first 33 overs of the West Indies’ innings.

By 1977 Mr Haynes was already an active first class umpire. He was a member of the panel for a long time and umpired very frequently with Mohammad Baksh. Apart from his on-the-field duties he was very active with the  Guyana Cricket Umpires Council (GCUC), taking part in training sessions and lectures for umpires, and he was instrumental in encouraging Eddie Nicholls to join the GCUC.