GFSCA in 2013

News about GFSCA in 2013

No Datesort ascending Title
1 26-Nov-2013 Thanks From NY Better Hope
2 26-Nov-2013 Kudos From NY President XI
3 25-Nov-2013 Ont Masters - We Felt At Home!
4 21-Nov-2013 OSCL - We Had A Great Time!
5 21-Nov-2013 Trophy Stall Quarter Finals
6 17-Nov-2013 Congrats From SCI/Miami
7 12-Nov-2013 Champs: Trophy Stall & NY Better Hope
8 12-Nov-2013 Trophy Stall, NY Better Hope Win
9 10-Nov-2013 Finals Today At Bourda
10 08-Nov-2013 Sports Minister Commends GFSCA
11 08-Nov-2013 Trophy Stall Into Semis
12 03-Nov-2013 Softball Cup III Zones
13 02-Nov-2013 Teams In Softball Cup III
14 01-Nov-2013 Softball Cup III Itinerary
15 01-Nov-2013 Cotton Field: We're Ready!
16 31-Oct-2013 Ontario Open Team Hopeful
17 27-Oct-2013 Overseas Teams Delighted
18 25-Oct-2013 South Florida Ready To Win
19 24-Oct-2013 Guyana Softball Cup III Special Notes
20 24-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Results 20 Oct
21 24-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Fixtures 27 Oct
22 23-Oct-2013 Guyana Softball Cup III Update
23 18-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Fixtures 20 Oct
24 18-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Fixtures 20 Oct
25 18-Oct-2013 Guyana Softball Cup III Launched
26 16-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Results 13 Oct
27 14-Oct-2013 Softball Cup III Launching Thursday
28 11-Oct-2013 Softball Cup III Picking Up Steam
29 10-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Fixtures For 13 Oct
30 09-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Results For 6 Oct
31 04-Oct-2013 Trophy Stall Results & Fixtures
32 27-Sep-2013 Trophy Stall Softball Fixtures
33 19-Sep-2013 Trophy Stall Softball Begins
34 16-Jul-2013 Guyana Softball Cup III In November
35 23-Mar-2013 Floodlight Defeat Brazilians At Soccer
36 12-Feb-2013 HQ Win Male, Female titles


Kavita Yadram is GSC3 MVP, 2013

National women's player Kavita Yadram was voted MVP of the women’s exhibition games at the finals of Guyana Softball Cup III, on 10 November 2013 at Bourda.

Masters Winner: NY Better Hope, 2013

The New York Better Hope team, after winning the Masters category of Guyana Softball Cup III on 10 November 2013 at Bourda.

NY Better Hope Win GSC3 Masters, 2013

New York Better Hope skipper Gus Gordon receives prizes after his team won the Masters category of Guyana Softball Cup III on 10 November 2013 at Bourda.

Trophy Stall Are Open Champs, 2013

Executives of the GFSCA share a moment with Trophy Stall captain Randy Katwaroo and the massive trophy his team won after defeating Wolf Warriors in the final of the Open category of the Guyana Softball Cup III, on 10 November 2013 at Bourda (Photos: Avenash Ramzan)

Open Champs Trophy Stall, 2013

The victorious Trophy Stall team celebrates after winning the GFSCA ‘Guyana Softball Cup III’ Male Open title at Bourda on 10 November 2013 (Photo by Adrian Narine.)

Minister Delivers Opening Speech, 2013

Minister of Sports Frank Anthony delivers the opening address for the Guyana Softball Cup III at Bourda on 07 November 2013.

Guyana Softball Cup III Launched, 2013

Sponsors and GFSCA executive members at the launching of Guyana Softball Cup III, on 17 October 2013 at the Georgetown Cricket Club boardroom.

Trophy Stall Tournament Trophies, 2013

GFSCA organiser Wayne Jones receives trophies for the Trophy Stall Softball Tournament from Ramchand Ragbeer & Ramesh Sunich on 18 September 2013.

Brazilians Edge Floodlight At Soccer, 2013

Brazilian miners football skipper Abley Jeferson Reis receives the winners' trophy from Vanie Narine after the Brazilian miners defeated Floodlight 6-5 in a friendly encounter on 22 March 2013 at the Demerara Cricket Club.