No Date Titlesort descending
1 23-Jul-2013 13th Annual RHT Review Mag
2 05-Apr-2011 21st RHTYSC Annual Awards
3 09-Jul-2013 50 For Rose Hall Academy
4 07-Jun-2012 6th Annual Republic Bank Academy
5 04-Dec-2010 Albion are 2010 Tenelec Champions
6 20-Sep-2009 Albion Face Bermine, YW Play RHT
7 13-Apr-2013 Albion Wants Consistency
8 06-Oct-2013 Albion, RHT in T20 Semis
9 12-Nov-2013 Albion, Rose Hall in T20 Final
10 08-Dec-2013 Albion, Rose Hall In U-15 Final
11 27-Feb-2011 Annual Basil Butcher Trust Fund
12 17-May-2012 Bakewell Renews RHTYSC Sponsorship
13 07-Apr-2013 Bakewell Sponsors RHT Again
14 06-Apr-2013 Bakewell, Namilco Assist RHT
15 24-Dec-2011 BCB Responds To DCC Official
16 11-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 1 T20: Second Semi
17 07-Dec-2013 Berbice Div2 NBS - Dec 1
18 02-Sep-2009 Bermine Remains Unbeaten
19 13-Apr-2013 Bermine Wants Gold
20 23-Oct-2013 Bermine Wins Div1 T20
21 29-Jul-2011 Beverley Harper New RHTYSC Patron
22 30-Jul-2011 Beverly Harper 4th Honorary Patron
23 30-Mar-2013 Bridge Co Sponsors BCB Competition
24 03-Dec-2013 Busta Champ of Champions Launched
25 10-Nov-2012 Busta Champions Match Preview
26 13-Jan-2010 Butcher Fund 2nd Presentation
27 12-May-2007 Champion of Champions 2007
28 14-May-2013 Champion of Champions In August
29 17-Apr-2013 Champion Of Champions On Hold
30 01-Feb-2013 D'Edward, Rose Hall Town In Final
31 09-May-2012 DDL Renews RHTYSC Sponsorship
32 10-Feb-2010 Deonarine: Berbice Cricketer of the Year
33 11-May-2013 E-Networks Sponsors RHT
34 20-Jan-2010 F&M Renews RHTYSC Sponsorship
35 23-Jul-2011 Farfan & Mendes Maintains Support
36 08-Feb-2011 Farfan & Mendes Renews Sponsorship
37 20-Jan-2015 Farfan & Mendes Renews Support
38 23-Jan-2013 FML 17th Year With RHTYSC
39 13-Jan-2015 Foster Quits as BCB Official
40 05-Oct-2011 Fudadin Congratulated by RHTYSC
41 02-Apr-2009 Gafoors 20/20 Semi-finals Rained Out
42 21-Sep-2011 Gizmos & Gadgets Renew Sponsorship
43 21-Jan-2010 Gizmos & Gadgets Sponsors RHT
44 16-Feb-2013 Gizmos & Gadgets Sponsorship
45 18-Oct-2011 Mahadeo Leads Rose Hall To Title
46 07-Oct-2009 Matches at Albion, Anna Regina today
47 05-Mar-2013 Metro Sponsors RHT Females
48 07-Feb-2013 Ming's, Universal Assist RHTYSC
49 16-Dec-2010 New RHTYSC Execs Excited
50 01-May-2013 RHT 23rd Annual Awards
51 23-Jul-2013 RHT Academy Concludes
52 03-Jul-2013 RHT Assists Young Berbicians
53 23-Jul-2013 RHT Award of Excellence
54 28-Jan-2011 RHT Congratulates New Captain Fudadin
55 08-May-2013 RHT Donates To 5 Organisations
56 09-Feb-2011 RHT Females Win RHTYSC Trophy
57 11-May-2013 RHT Honours Mothers
58 20-Jan-2010 RHT in Amsterdam U17 Final
59 12-Nov-2012 RHT Takes Busta Title
60 14-May-2013 RHT To Host Historic Award
61 04-Jul-2013 RHT To Host Sports Awards
62 17-Feb-2011 RHT Tribute To Former First Lady
63 20-Jan-2007 RHT U-15 Gets $1.2M Sponsorship
64 16-Dec-2011 RHT Win By Walkover From Port Mourant
65 13-Jan-2010 RHT Wins 2009 Under-15 Tourney
66 06-May-2013 RHT, Ansa McAl Award of Excellence
67 08-May-2013 RHT, BBCI Honour Teachers
68 26-Jan-2011 RHT, Mormons Donate To Charity
69 09-Feb-2011 RHT, Others Go To Semi-Finals
70 20-Mar-2013 RHT, Young Warriors In Final
71 11-Apr-2013 RHT: Dominant And Fearless
72 22-May-2014 RHTY&SC 24th Awards Ceremony
73 16-Oct-2011 RHTYSC Honours Outstanding Teachers
74 24-May-2014 RHTYSC 10th Tribute To Heroes
75 24-Apr-2012 RHTYSC 2011 Awards
76 03-Jan-2011 RHTYSC 2011 Community Programmes
77 06-Jan-2013 RHTYSC 2012 XMas Charity
78 12-Jan-2010 RHTYSC Aids Essequibo Umpires
79 30-Jul-2011 RHTYSC Assists Fire Victim, Sport Orgs
80 29-Apr-2012 RHTYSC Assists Several Organisations
81 23-Jan-2013 RHTYSC Assists UCCA
82 03-Jan-2012 RHTYSC Benevolent During Yuletide
83 01-Apr-2009 RHTYSC Bids Farewell To Burgess
84 01-Mar-2013 RHTYSC Congratulates Campbelle
85 28-Dec-2011 RHTYSC Continues To Excel
86 16-May-2012 RHTYSC Deserves National Award
87 16-Dec-2010 RHTYSC Enjoyed Highly Successful 2010
88 06-Jan-2013 RHTYSC Helps 10-Year-Old
89 21-Sep-2011 RHTYSC Honours Corentyne Teachers
90 09-Oct-2013 RHTYSC Honours Head Teachers
91 03-Jan-2012 RHTYSC Honours Teachers, Students
92 24-Dec-2010 RHTYSC is GCB Top Club
93 15-Jan-2011 RHTYSC Launches $5m Campaign
94 28-Jan-2013 RHTYSC On Chatts' Omission
95 29-Dec-2010 RHTYSC Sponsors Educational Award Scheme
96 29-Apr-2012 RHTYSC Teacher/Student Programme
97 16-Dec-2011 RHTYSC To Host Christmas Programme
98 30-Dec-2010 RHTYSC Xmas Charity Program
99 17-Apr-2012 RHTYSC, BCB Assist Rainbow Generation
100 16-May-2012 RHTYSC, DTV-8 Recognize Mothers
101 29-Apr-2012 RHTYSC, FFP Assist BFA
102 07-Jan-2012 RHTYSC: 2011 Difficult But Successful
103 24-Jul-2011 Rich Legacy Continues 21 Years
104 08-Dec-2011 Rikhi, Sinclair Guide RHT To 4th Win
105 11-Jul-2014 Rose Hall Academy Starts Monday
106 05-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Edge Blairmont
107 07-Feb-2013 Rose Hall Town Edge D’Edward
108 16-Dec-2010 Rose Hall Town Is Top Club
109 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Starts On Winning Note
110 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Starts With Win
111 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Wins Lions Title
112 28-Jan-2010 Rose Hall Wins Amsterdam U17 Title
113 08-Apr-2011 Scotia Bank, RHTYSC Honour Teachers
114 17-Jan-2015 ScotiaBank Renews RHTYSC Support
115 16-Jun-2013 Sports Gear For Corentyne Clubs
116 25-Dec-2007 Successful 2007 For RHTYSC
117 15-Jan-2010 Teams Ready For U17 Semis
118 21-Jan-2007 Tense Win For RHT U-15
119 07-Jan-2013 Thank You From RHTYSC
120 21-Sep-2011 Trophy Stall Assists RHTYSC Female Programme
121 02-Feb-2011 Universal DVD An Official RHTYSC Sponsor
122 10-Apr-2013 West Berbice Hopeful
123 09-May-2013 Western Union Renews Program
124 01-Sep-2009 Young Warriors, Bermine, Police Win
125 22-Dec-2011 Zara Apartments Educational Awards