Berbice, 2013 News

No Datesort ascending Title
1 14-May-2014 Albion Goes To KO Final
2 11-Dec-2013 NBS Div 2: Dec 11 Report
3 11-Dec-2013 Berbice On Top v Demerara
4 11-Dec-2013 Berbice Remain in Control
5 09-Dec-2013 Berbice, President’s XI Draw
6 08-Dec-2013 Demerara Win By Innings
7 08-Dec-2013 Berbice Leads President’s XI
8 08-Dec-2013 Albion, Rose Hall In U-15 Final
9 08-Dec-2013 Norman Singh Div2 T20 Final
10 08-Dec-2013 Singh Hits 100* For President's XI
11 07-Dec-2013 President’s XI Fall For 185
12 07-Dec-2013 Berbice Div2 NBS - Dec 1
13 06-Dec-2013 NBS Div 2: Dec 6 Report
14 06-Dec-2013 Demerara Takes Charge
15 04-Dec-2013 Albion In Under-15 Semis
16 03-Dec-2013 Busta Champ of Champions Launched
17 12-Nov-2013 Albion, Rose Hall in T20 Final
18 04-Nov-2013 D’Edward Goes To Third Round
19 02-Nov-2013 No 70 Are Under-19 Champs
20 02-Nov-2013 West Berbice Under-17 Matches
21 02-Nov-2013 Berbice Div 2 NBS - 01 Nov
22 01-Nov-2013 Corentyne Div 2 T20 Matches
23 31-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 2 NBS - 26 Oct
24 31-Oct-2013 Div 1 T20 KO - Round 1
25 30-Oct-2013 NA Town Week T10 Softball
26 30-Oct-2013 Div 1 T20 KnockOut 26 Oct
27 23-Oct-2013 Bermine Wins Div1 T20
28 23-Oct-2013 BCCDA 10/10 Inter Agency Softball
29 22-Oct-2013 Berbice Cricket Board Raffle
30 22-Oct-2013 Berbice Div1 T20 Knockout
31 22-Oct-2013 Berbice Div2 NBS - 20 Oct
32 11-Oct-2013 Berbice NBS Div 2: Oct 6
33 11-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 1 T20: Second Semi
34 10-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 1 T20: First Semi
35 10-Oct-2013 Contract Signed For Albion Lights
36 09-Oct-2013 Bermine, West Berbice in Semis
37 09-Oct-2013 RHTYSC Honours Head Teachers
38 07-Oct-2013 BBCI Donates Gear To Blairmont
39 06-Oct-2013 Albion, RHT in T20 Semis
40 04-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 1 T20: 29 Sep
41 04-Oct-2013 West Berbice U-17 Today
42 29-Sep-2013 County LO Final Ties!
43 28-Sep-2013 County 50-Overs Final Today
44 27-Sep-2013 Blairmont Appoints Senior Coach
45 26-Sep-2013 Berbice Beat Ebo By 10 Wkts
46 26-Sep-2013 Upper Corentyne Division 2
47 25-Sep-2013 Berbice, Essequibo Clash
48 24-Sep-2013 Demerara Beat Berbice By 3 Wkts
49 24-Sep-2013 Govt To Fix 26 Berbice Grounds
50 24-Sep-2013 Berbice Div1 T20: 22 Sep
51 16-Sep-2013 Blairmont 2nd Annual Awards
52 27-Jul-2013 Berbice v Dem Rained Out
53 26-Jul-2013 Berbice v Ebo Rained Out
54 25-Jul-2013 Campbelle To Lead Berbice
55 23-Jul-2013 RHT Academy Concludes
56 23-Jul-2013 13th Annual RHT Review Mag
57 23-Jul-2013 RHT Award of Excellence
58 18-Jul-2013 BTS Supports Blairmont Centre CC
59 17-Jul-2013 BCB/Scotiabank Academy Monday
60 09-Jul-2013 50 For Rose Hall Academy
61 09-Jul-2013 Dem Beat Berbice In Final
62 08-Jul-2013 Demerara Win U-19 LO Title
63 08-Jul-2013 U19: Berbice, Dem in Final
64 06-Jul-2013 U19: 3rd Round Washed Out
65 05-Jul-2013 U19: Bowlers Help Berbice Win
66 04-Jul-2013 RHT To Host Sports Awards
67 03-Jul-2013 County U19 LO: Day 1
68 03-Jul-2013 RHT Assists Young Berbicians
69 02-Jul-2013 County U19 LO Today
70 26-Jun-2013 U19: Berbice, Demerara Win
71 25-Jun-2013 U19: Berbice, Demerara On Top
72 24-Jun-2013 Dem Beat Ebo By 10 Wkts
73 22-Jun-2013 Sattaur Slams Unbeaten Ton
74 22-Jun-2013 Rain Ruins First Day
75 20-Jun-2013 BSA 10-Overs Softball
76 20-Jun-2013 U-19 County Cricket Resumes
77 16-Jun-2013 Sports Gear For Corentyne Clubs
78 16-Jun-2013 Berbice Defeat E’bo By 54 Runs
79 15-Jun-2013 Ebo Collapse Against Berbice
80 14-Jun-2013 Inter-County U-17 Today
81 20-May-2013 PMCC, Wolf Warriors Joint Winners
82 17-May-2013 Evans Backs Berbice Titans
83 17-May-2013 ECCB Squad For Independence Cup
84 16-May-2013 Blairmont Defeats Edinburg
85 16-May-2013 Port Mourant Fundraiser
86 15-May-2013 Trophy Stall Assists Independence Cup
87 14-May-2013 RHT To Host Historic Award
88 14-May-2013 Champion of Champions In August
89 13-May-2013 Metro Sponsors Independence Cup
90 11-May-2013 RHT Honours Mothers
91 11-May-2013 E-Networks Sponsors RHT
92 10-May-2013 The Harry Ramanand Story
93 09-May-2013 Western Union Renews Program
94 08-May-2013 Ansa McAl Aids Independence Cup
95 08-May-2013 RHT Donates To 5 Organisations
96 08-May-2013 RHT, BBCI Honour Teachers
97 06-May-2013 RHT, Ansa McAl Award of Excellence
98 02-May-2013 Universal DVD Win BSA Tournament
99 01-May-2013 RHT 23rd Annual Awards
100 01-May-2013 Ramotar Opens Chesney Pavilion
101 26-Apr-2013 U-19 Zones Reach Final
102 23-Apr-2013 Beach Softball Tourney Ends
103 23-Apr-2013 BCB Div 1 T20 Commences
104 22-Apr-2013 Demerara Wins Under-15 Title
105 20-Apr-2013 Dem On Top Against Berbice
106 19-Apr-2013 Bridge Div1 Competition Begins
107 19-Apr-2013 Universal T20 Tournament Begins
108 18-Apr-2013 Dem Wins, Berbice Draws
109 17-Apr-2013 Champion Of Champions On Hold
110 17-Apr-2013 U15: Berbice, Dem On Top Again
111 16-Apr-2013 BCB U19 Inter-Zone Tourney
112 16-Apr-2013 BCB, BCC Launch Independence Cup
113 15-Apr-2013 U15: Berbice, Dem On Top
114 15-Apr-2013 U15: Essequibo Routed For 17
115 15-Apr-2013 Blairmont No 4: Wins Softball
116 13-Apr-2013 Albion Wants Consistency
117 13-Apr-2013 Bermine Wants Gold
118 11-Apr-2013 RHT: Dominant And Fearless
119 10-Apr-2013 West Berbice Hopeful
120 08-Apr-2013 Berbice Announces U-15 Squad
121 07-Apr-2013 Bakewell Sponsors RHT Again
122 06-Apr-2013 Bakewell, Namilco Assist RHT
123 30-Mar-2013 Bridge Co Sponsors BCB Competition
124 28-Mar-2013 Banks Sponsors Beach Softball
125 25-Mar-2013 BCB 6th Annual Awards
126 22-Mar-2013 BCB Awards Ceremony Today
127 10-Mar-2013 Young Warriors Fund-raiser Today
128 09-Mar-2013 Young Warriors Mash Cup
129 06-Mar-2013 Musco To Install Albion Floodlights
130 05-Mar-2013 Raffik Sponsors Corentyne 20/20
131 03-Mar-2013 Shastri Persaud 154 For Chesney
132 01-Mar-2013 Guyoil Assists BCB Coaching
133 01-Mar-2013 Republic Bank Renews Sponsorship
134 01-Mar-2013 RHTYSC Congratulates Campbelle
135 27-Feb-2013 Several NBS Tons In Berbice
136 27-Feb-2013 Blairmont holds Elections
137 25-Feb-2013 Scotiabank Assists BCB Again
138 22-Feb-2013 BCB Names Committees For 2013
139 22-Feb-2013 BCB Starts Under-15 Preparation
140 20-Feb-2013 Five 50s Highlight NBS
141 20-Feb-2013 Young Warriors Day of Sports
142 16-Feb-2013 Port Mourant Elects Executives
143 16-Feb-2013 Gizmos & Gadgets Sponsorship
144 15-Feb-2013 Tons For Ajib, Bhoj, Heeralall
145 11-Feb-2013 NCN Inter-Zone U-15 Competition
146 09-Feb-2013 Norman Singh Memorial T20 KO
147 09-Feb-2013 BCB Launches 2 New Competitions
148 08-Feb-2013 Centuries For Mangra, Beresford
149 07-Feb-2013 Ming's, Universal Assist RHTYSC
150 07-Feb-2013 Rose Hall Town Edge D’Edward
151 07-Feb-2013 Albion In Div 1 T20 Play-offs
152 03-Feb-2013 Young Warriors, Albion Reach Semis
153 01-Feb-2013 D'Edward, Rose Hall Town In Final
154 01-Feb-2013 Berbice Test Cricketers Billboard
155 30-Jan-2013 Bermine, Young Warriors Advance
156 27-Jan-2013 2013 NBS 2nd Round Fixtures
157 23-Jan-2013 RHTYSC Assists UCCA
158 23-Jan-2013 Young Warriors Beats Tucber Park
159 20-Jan-2013 NBS Div2 40-Overs Today
160 18-Jan-2013 Kanden Re-elected Albion President
161 18-Jan-2013 Bermine, Young Warriors In Final
162 16-Jan-2013 Jumbo Jet Auto Sales Trophy
163 16-Jan-2013 New Amsterdam/Canje Win
164 12-Jan-2013 Police B Division Cricket
165 11-Jan-2013 Match To Honor Lennox Allicock
166 07-Jan-2013 Lights For Albion Sports Complex?
167 02-Jan-2013 Keith Foster Re-Elected BCB President