Softball, 2011 News

No Datesort ascending Title
1 03-Jan-2012 GFSCA: 2011 Was A Good Year
2 13-Dec-2011 Bakewell Softball Finals
3 12-Dec-2011 Regal, Mike’s Wellwoman Win
4 09-Dec-2011 Bakewell Softball Finals This Sunday
5 02-Dec-2011 Bakewell Softball Finals Dec 11
6 19-Nov-2011 Thanks From GFSCA
7 14-Nov-2011 Congrats From Florida Hurricanes
8 11-Nov-2011 Bakewell Results For 6 and 7 Nov
9 10-Nov-2011 Congrats From SFSCL (South Florida)
10 10-Nov-2011 Congrats From NYSCL (New York)
11 09-Nov-2011 Congrats From DANT Sports Club
12 09-Nov-2011 Congrats From New York President XI
13 09-Nov-2011 Congrats From Canadian Beavers
14 08-Nov-2011 Congrats From Softball Cricket International, Miami
15 05-Nov-2011 Bedi Ramjewan Honoured At Guyana Softball Cup
16 02-Nov-2011 Guyana Softball Cup I A Success
17 02-Nov-2011 It Was A Fantastic Tournament
18 01-Nov-2011 Regal Masters, Cotton Field Wild Oats Champions
19 01-Nov-2011 Mike’s Wellwoman Outshine Trophy Stall Angels
20 31-Oct-2011 Regal Masters And Cotton Field Wild Oats Victorious
21 30-Oct-2011 Local Teams Through To Finals
22 29-Oct-2011 Deosaran Slams Ton In Guyana Cup
23 27-Oct-2011 Guyana/Masters Cups Schedule
24 25-Oct-2011 Seonarine and Deopaul Bringing NYSCL To Guyana
25 25-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 23 Oct
26 22-Oct-2011 Guyana Softball Cup Is This Weekend
27 20-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 16 Oct
28 18-Oct-2011 Guyana/Masters Cup Update
29 15-Oct-2011 Semi-Finals And Final Today
30 15-Oct-2011 Softball At Enmore On October 22
31 14-Oct-2011 Guyana/Masters Cups Rules
32 12-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 9 Oct
33 05-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 2 Oct
34 01-Oct-2011 ECI Cardinals, Bravados Continue Unbeaten Run
35 01-Oct-2011 GFSCA To Host International Softball
36 01-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 24 Sep
37 30-Sep-2011 Action Galore Promised as Tourney Launched
38 22-Sep-2011 Bakewell Results For 18 Sep
39 16-Sep-2011 Bakewell Results For 11 Sep
40 14-Aug-2011 Bakewell Softball Begins Aug 28
41 22-Jul-2011 Kares and Bushy Park 10/10 Tapeball
42 20-Jul-2011 Memorex Win BCC Inter-Agency T10 Softball
43 25-Jun-2011 Floodlight To Play in New York Next Weekend
44 23-Jun-2011 Stag Beer/El Dorado Softball Finals…
45 12-Jun-2011 Stag and El Dorado Finals Next Sunday
46 08-Jun-2011 Competition Rescheduled to July 3
47 05-Jun-2011 Kares Tapeball Registration Closes
48 03-Jun-2011 Enmore Out of MYO Competition
49 02-Jun-2011 GSL Helps Hogg Island Fun Day
50 02-Jun-2011 Over 500 Teams Registered
51 12-Apr-2011 Register 1500 Teams – Mahadeo
52 11-Apr-2011 Berbice All Stars Take Female Title
53 11-Apr-2011 President Congratulates GT&T
54 10-Apr-2011 Champions Trophy Stall Eliminated
55 10-Apr-2011 Trophy Stall Bow Out Of GT&T 10/10
56 09-Apr-2011 Come And Have Fun - Yog Mahadeo
57 09-Apr-2011 GT&T Pleased With So Many Teams
58 08-Apr-2011 GT&T 10/10 Reach Quarter-Finals
59 08-Apr-2011 Huge Crowd Anticipated for GT&T 10/10
60 20-Mar-2011 Rain Prevents Play In GT&T Matches
61 19-Mar-2011 L’Aventure In Both Finals
62 17-Mar-2011 L’Aventure Among Semi-Finalists
63 12-Mar-2011 Champions Make Early Exodus
64 11-Mar-2011 New York Defeat Floodlight A
65 10-Mar-2011 Secondary Schools Windball
66 26-Feb-2011 GT&T Makes Successful Start
67 22-Feb-2011 8 Tons In Stag/ El Dorado Softball
68 20-Feb-2011 GT&T Softball Underway
69 19-Feb-2011 GT&T Softball Bowls Off Today
70 17-Feb-2011 Softball Cricket Goes To Cuba
71 13-Feb-2011 Floodlight Sponsored For Florida Cup
72 11-Feb-2011 GT&T Softball Re-scheduled
73 10-Feb-2011 Mohammed, Rodrigues Hit Tons
74 09-Feb-2011 Low-Scoring Weekend In Region One
75 09-Feb-2011 Venues Will Be Ready - Organisers
76 04-Feb-2011 GSL Rules For GT&T 10/10
77 03-Feb-2011 Narine, McCoy Hit Tons
78 02-Feb-2011 1200 Teams For GT&T 10/10 Tournament
79 02-Feb-2011 Four Teams In Winners Row
80 28-Jan-2011 Enmore Takes Lead
81 28-Jan-2011 Stag & El Dorado Softball Results
82 27-Jan-2011 Several Teams Win On Opening Day
83 26-Jan-2011 GT&T 10/10 Registration Extended
84 20-Jan-2011 Super Sixes In Mabaruma
85 20-Jan-2011 Two In Two For Cornelia Ida
86 17-Jan-2011 Schools Super Sixes Start Today
87 15-Jan-2011 Stag Beer/El Dorado Softball Launched
88 15-Jan-2011 Second GT&T 10/10 Unveiled
89 15-Jan-2011 GFSCA Launches Stag Beer Tournament
90 13-Jan-2011 GT&T Tournament Plan Progressing
91 07-Jan-2011 Registration For GT&T T10 Begins
92 05-Jan-2011 Enmore And Farm Win
93 19-Dec-2010 GFSCA Stag Beer Softball
94 19-Dec-2010 MYO Inter-Jamaat 10-Overs Tapeball