2013 NBS 2nd Round Fixtures

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2013 NBS Division 2 40-Overs

27 Jan 2013 - The 2013 New Building Society Second Division 40-Over Cricket Competition organised by the Berbice Cricket Board and having one hundred and one teams participating, in the Ancient County continues this weekend with first round matches in eight of the sixteen zones and second round matches in two.

Sunday’s first round fixtures:

Zone A: West Berbice.

  1. Hopetown United vs No. 28 Warriors Boss at Hopetown
  2. Bush Lot United New Generation vs Bush Lot Challengers at Bush Lot
  3. Rainbow Generation vs Achievers at Seafield

Zone B: West Coast Berbice – Lower

  1. Bath vs Exhowa at Bath
  2. Woodley Park Young Striker vs No. 7 Silver Park at Woodley Park
  3. Cotton Tree Die Hard vs Sundown at Cotton Tree

Zone C: West Bank Berbice:

  1. Shieldstown vs No. 3 at Shieldstown
  2. D’Edward vs D’Edward Warriors at D’Edward
  3. Blairmont Community Centre A vs Blairmont Community Centre B at Blairmont

Rosignol United Bye

Zone E: East Bank Berbice

  1. Flying Star vs Kortheberaadt 7th Day Adventist at Kortheberaadt
  2. Sisters vs East Bank at Sisters
  3. Edinburgh vs Overwinning Bible Church at Edinburgh

Rising Youth Bye

Zone F: West Canje/New Amsterdam/East Canje

  1. West Canje vs Tucber Park at Lochaber
  2. Police vs East Canje at Vryman’s Erven
  3. Young Warriors vs Defenders at Cumberland

Zone G: East Canje

  1. Celebrity times vs Canefield at Rose Hall
  2. Goed Bananen Land vs Betsy Ground Triple Star at Goed Bananen Land
  3. Gangaram Strykers vs Young and Restless at Gangaram

Bristol Warriors Bye

Zone I: East Coast/Lower Corentyne

  1. Kendall’s Union A vs Kendall’s Union B at No. 19
  2. Courtland All Star vs Seawell at Courtland
  3. Jai Hind vs Fyrish at Albion Front
  4. Albion Community Centre vs No. 1 Road at Albion

Zone J: Lower Corentyne

  1. Chesney vs Albion Travellers at Chesney
  2. Rose Hall Town Bakewell vs Rose Hall Town Guns and Cannons at Rose Hall Town
  3. Tamarind Root vs Fyrish Road at Hampshire

Belvedere United Bye

Sunday’s 2nd round fixtures:

Zone K: Lower/Central Corentyne

  1. Letterkenny Young Star vs Whim National at Letterkenny
  2. Tain Block Four vs Alness at Tain
  3. Port Mourant vs Guysuco Training Centre at Port Mourant

Big Star Bye

Zone L: Central Corentyne/Black Bush Polder

  1. No. 43 Scorpion vs Kildonan at No. 43
  2. Mibicuri vs Young Adventurers at Mibicuri
  3. Kennard’s Memorial vs Bush Rangers at Bush Lot Farm
  4. Yakusari Caribs vs Mibicuri Strikers at Yakusari

Meanwhile the competition will get started in the riverain areas the following Sunday, 3rd February, viz:

Zone D: Berbice River

  1. Wironi Conquerers vs Fort Nassau at Wironi

Ebini Ranch Raiders Bye

Zone H: Canje Creek

  1. Baracara United vs Uprising at Baracara

All of the abovementioned matches are scheduled to start at 11:00 hours.