28 Complete Guyoil/Castrol Coaches Training

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

The development of Berbice cricket especially at the junior level took a massive stride whey 28 aspiring cricket coaches successfully completed a pre-level one coaching seminar at the Albion Community Centre on Sunday.

The participants pose with officials of the BCB (seated) at the conclusion of the event.

The three-day seminar was held from June 15-17 and was conducted by senior cricket coaches Michael Hyles Franco, Winston Smith and Julian Moore. The seminar was organised under the Guyoil/Castrol Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) countywide coaching programme.

The coaches attending the historic coaching seminar were Michael Newland, Veerapen Permaul, Gudakesh Motie Kanhai, Loyydel Lewis, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Mahadeo Mallay, Shawn Pereira, Shailendra Shameer, Delroy Tiexeira, Yugendra Harrinarine, Michael Chinsammy, Royston Crandon, Sharaz Ramcharran, Gregory Crandon, Carlton Sinclair, Shemaine Campbelle, Erva Giddings, Linden Austin, Suresh Dhanai, Muthuswammi Permaul, Javed Saywack, Pierra Tello, Paul Depnarine, Akram Rahaman, Ameer Rahaman, Gordon Sam, Keon Jospeh, Sunil Jhappan and Totaram Latchminarine.

Muthuswammi Permaul, cricket Manager of the Albion Cricket Club was voted the Best participant of the seminar by the coaches.

Chairman of the BCB Special Events Committee Hilbert Foster hailed the seminar as a vital part of the cricket development programme of the BCB. They were organised with the main aim of producing more learned coaches into the Berbice cricketing system.

More cricket clubs in the Ancient County will now have access to better coaching and as such Berbice should be able to produce better rounded players at the Under-13, 15, 17 and 19 levels. Foster however expressed his frustration that several established clubs like Skeldon, Edinburgh and Bermine had not sent any representatives to the seminar and he blasted some cricket administrators who he said did not have the interest of cricket at heart.

Keith Foster, President of the BCB expressed his delight at the success of the Guyoil/Castrol coaching programme and the induction of 28 new coaches into the Berbice system. BCB, the president noted, is determined to make Berbice cricket the best at all levels and to develop the game from the grassroot level.

He urged the coaches to go back to their clubs and teach their members all that they have learned. The president also informed his audience that they are now in a position to contribute to the development of Berbice cricket and urged them to grasp the opportunity with pride and passion.

Head Coach of the Seminar Michael Hyles Franco praised the attitude and performances of the participants and noted that they were all determined to be successful. He also expressed gratitude to Guyoil and Castrol for their sponsorship of the programme and for the roles they were playing in the development of new cricketing talents in Berbice.

The participants praised the BCB for organising the training programme and called on the Board to organise more programmes. Michael Newland of the Police Cricket Club and Muthuswammi Permaul urged their peers to use their new-found knowledge to develop more talents like Narsingh Deonarine, Assad Fudadin and Devendra Bishoo.