$2M To Televise GT&T Finals

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), Yog Mahadeo, says the telephone giant will be reassessing where it can receive coverage for its operations.

Commenting on statements made by the CEO of National Communications Network Inc. (NCN), Mohamed Sattaur a few weeks ago that his entity was subsidizing several programmes on its network including the GT&T’s ‘Feel The Beat’, Mahadeo asserted emphatically, “I was very annoyed that during the national budget discussion something was said about subsidizing GT&T’s programme ‘Feel the Beat’. Nobody tries to assist us with anything we do.

GuyEnterprise is the entity that handles advertising placements for GT&T.

Mahadeo noted that NCN was using its monopoly to engage in price hiking towards the very people who take their business to the entity, since, in comparison to last year’s event, NCN television had charged double the price to broadcast the recently concluded GT&T 10/10 finals live. NCN’s asking price for coverage was a staggering $2 million.

Adding that NCN is listed as a sponsor of the 10/10 event, Mahadeo said because of the amount of advertisements and live coverage placed on NCN, the telephone company receives and is entitled to discounts.  He cautioned, however, that if NCN is not willing to renegotiate, GT&T will be willing to channel its money elsewhere, and this would apply to entities and businesses with similar attitudes, who want to have a relationship with the company.

He stressed that there was an agreement with NCN pertaining to the cost of airing the 10/10 finals – advertisement and live coverage would be the same fee that was charged last year. However, the television station did not honour the agreement.

I was shocked that a cost that was double what it was last year was thrown at me, and I said there was no way we can do this. We tried to re-engage NCN but it didn’t work out, since NCN was trying to make some extra money although there was an agreement in place.

He underscored that his thoughts were that NCN had a unique position compared to other stations to carry live coverage in the way it should be done.

I may be wrong but that’s what I gathered, that they were in a unique position of being the only station that could have carried the event live…but as soon as there are other stations that can do so I would welcome it…none of the other stations have said that they can do a live feed, but if so we would welcome it.

Mahadeo explained that initially there was an agreement between the two sides for the television station to carry the games live on both radio and television. However, due to the breakdown in talks, the games were only carried live on the Voice of Guyana (VOG).

He said GT&T has been open in everything that is done, and the company has invested in 10/10 for the development of communities across the country.