Ali Ignored Financial Irregularities

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Kaieteur News
Pretipaul Jaigobin

Dear Editor,

I read a letter written by Ramsey Ali, published in the Guyana Chronicle (Friday July 17 2011) and thought long and hard before penning this response. After reading it I concluded that Mr. Ali is desperately attempting to discredit me and as such I felt it prudent to clear the air on the contents of the letter.

Firstly, Mr. Ali contends that “The Assistant Treasurer of the former executive committee of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) listed about six or seven allegations and I am convinced that they were made with an aim to create mischief at the said AGM.”

Sir, may I categorically state that the issues raised are not merely allegations but facts. It is my view that Mr. Ali is anxious to give the former treasurer (Sheik Ahmed) some credit in repayment for votes procured by Mr. Ahmed from his friends on behalf of Mr. Ali.

After I had read of the availability of the GCB audited financial statement, I decided to peruse a copy and examined the income and expenditure between December 1, 2009 and November 30, 2010 and observed that that the figures under ‘income and expenditure’ were vastly different.

Sir, I noted these observations with the executive committee at a statutory meeting held on May 27 last and it was clear to all present including Mr. Ali that something was amiss. The executive committee then set up a three member committee (Ali, Jaigobin and Ahmad) to thoroughly examine these two financial documents and table a report at the June 2011 meeting of the GCB Executive.

On Monday May 30 I attempted to solicit the necessary information from the Administrator of the GCB so as to facilitate my investigations. The Administrator told me that she could not give out any information without permission in writing from former President Chetram Singh, Secretary Anand Sanasie or Treasurer, Sheik Ahmad.

I was shocked by this response especially since these gentlemen were at the meeting of May 27. Subsequently, I made several contacts via email to have this issue rectified but was unsuccessful.

I am of the view that the three officials mentioned earlier were uninterested in conducting the verification process. Mr. Ali also failed to present a written report to the executives and I have my views concerning such ineptitude.

There are also certain inconsistencies in the Pakistan tour where Mr. Ali unilaterally decided who operated the party stand even though this project was not subject to an advertising or tender process.

Sir, after Mr. Ali high jacked the GCB he is on record as saying that he will ensure that all the income and expenditure queried by the Executive would be examined and made public including the Pakistan tour. This is an admittance that serious problems exist. My question is why did he wait until the removal of those individuals that highlighted the corruption from office to do so?

Yours truly,

Pretipaul Jaigobin