All Singh At DCB Elections

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The two breakaway factions of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) as ordered by Judge Rishi Persaud held their respective elections yesterday, at different venues.

Attorney-at-Law Anil Nandlall, who appeared for Bissoondial Singh had asked for an adjournment, citing insufficient time to respond to an affidavit in answer issued by Anand Sanasie’s side on Friday. The two sides were then asked to return to court on January 28 for a legitimacy ruling.

Over at the Lusignan Community Centre, incumbent President Bissoondial Singh was re-elected to a second term unopposed, while former Secretary of the previous Board Raj Singh won the right to lead the other faction at their elections which was held at the Wales Community Centre.

Bissoondial Singh’s faction comprises 1st Vice-President- Roger Harper, 2nd Vice-President- Pretipaul Jaigobin, Treasurer- Edward Richmond, Assistant Treasurer- Nigel Bissoo, Secretary Davteerth Anandjit, Assistant Secretary- Samaroo Jailall, Competitions Committee Chairman- Shawn Massiah, Marketing Manager- Manoj Narayan and Public Relations Officer- Neil Barry. The two Trustees are Claude Raphael and Ronald Williams, while the Returning Officer was Charles Ramson Jnr.

Raj Singh’s executive include Vice-Presidents- Anand Sanasie and Alfred Mentore, Secretary- Krishna Mangal, Assistant Secretary-Dr. Robin Persaud, Treasurer- Anand Kalladeen, Assistant Treasurer- Lalta Digamber, Public Relations Officer- Rohan Sarjoo, Competitions Committee Chairman- Colin Europe and Marketing Officer- Ray Persaud. The Returning Officer was Assistant Commissioner Balram Persaud.

Bissoondial Singh speaking after taking office thanked the representatives of the clubs for putting their trust in the new executive. Singh, who earlier in the Meeting threw some stinging remarks on the performance of some members of the other faction urged the clubs to support the new executive which will ensure that cricket in Demerara do not suffer any longer.

Harper, who raised the issue of amending the constitution which will make delinquent executive members more accountable to their constituents, while the intended amendments must be done in a manner that will make it difficult for officials to hold the sport at ransom. According to Harper, it is widely felt that the present constitution was abused by members of the old executive which brought the game to a virtual standstill in Demerara and players suffered and that must come to an end.

Singh in his response said that the new executive will work assiduously to revise the constitution which will make it difficult for officials to exploit.

Raj Singh in his acceptance speech thanked the Returning Officer Assistant Commissioner Persaud and the expired executive who served on the Board over the past two years and welcomed the new one.

I know that this new executive is well poised to take the sport forward and I make a vow today that we will take it back to where it belongs, at the top of the sports agenda,” Singh said. He urged them to allow the sport to be played on the field and not in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Persaud speaking shortly before performing his duties said that nastiness has infiltrated the sport and the only reason for his presence is that he took a principled position despite being quite aware of the repercussions that could follow.

My absence today would have been comfortable with others, but there will be no powers to stop me from being here I gave my word to my good friend,” Persaud stated. He added that he hope that somewhere along the way there will be some reconciliation and that the state of cricket in Guyana comes first.

Cricket now has to compete with football and basketball and whatever happens today (yesterday) the executive have to look at themselves and unite for the betterment of the sport. Young cricketers cannot be pleased and positively influenced by what is going on in cricket today,” Persaud pointed out.

The two parties’ next move is to the Court where a decision of which one is legitimate will be made.