Anthony: IMC Definitely Coming

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

A day after Guyana Cricket Board’s (GCB) Ramsey Ali disclosed that he was unaware of the existence of an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to overlook the affairs of the embattled cricket board, Sport Minister Dr. Frank Anthony said that an IMC is definitely in the making and the country’s cricket administrators are all aware of this move.

The minister said that he was very disappointed that persons who attended the meetings would misrepresent the issues to the press.

He added that the composition of the IMC was being finalised and will be released to the public when completed. The formation of the IMC was recommended by President Bharrat Jagdeo after acting chief justice Ian Chang had struck down a case that was brought by secretary of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Angela Haniff over the controversial July 10 GCB elections.

Continuing, Minister Anthony said that the formation of the IMC is not Government’s intervention on its own accord. “This is the courts of Guyana asking the executive to intervene and therefore what we did is to talk to all the persons involved in cricket in Guyana and from that we are now coming up with an appropriate formula of what the IMC will look like. These things were discussed with everybody, so it’s nothing new,” Dr. Anthony said.

Minister Anthony further disclosed that if prominent cricket administrators continue to make statements in the press that are contradictory to the situation, then the underlying problems will not be resolved and cricket will suffer. “This is not going to help us progress with cricket because its seems like there are some people who do not want to see cricket advance. They may have their own personal agenda and personal ambitions but that should not compromise where we as a country go with the development of cricket,” Minister Anthony stressed.

The minister continued, “So very shortly I will be calling all the persons again, because I do not believe that these issues can be resolved in the media. That is not the place for it. They have to be resolved by sitting down and getting everybody to the table and getting them to understand what is important to focus on. What I am seeing is more arguing about who should hold what position rather than focusing their attention on developing cricket. What is clearly lacking in the cricket fraternity is leadership, and the ministry is playing that facilitating role and pointing them in the right direction, and again the ministry will call them in and talk them through this so that we can make progress in the development of cricket. So I urge everyone who is within this thing and who is outside probing people on… I will urge them to have some caution, because if you really like cricket then give us some space; let us resolve these issues,” Dr. Anthony said.

Meanwhile, at a recent press conference, Ali said that the GCB is the sole authority to run cricket in Guyana and challenged anyone to produce instruments that gave power to any other committee to administer the country’s cricket.

However, according to a prominent cricket administrator who was part of the IMC discussion, Ali was not given a formal instrument to seize the day- today operation of the board, but it was a verbally agreed “ gentleman’s agreement” on September 7 during the meeting with Dr. Anthony that Ali and his executive will not continue to carry out the functions of the GCB. “While the GCB is the sole authority, Ramsey Ali and his group were placed there controversially without the authority/permission of the general membership since 10 out of 27 persons voted at the purported elections. This situation could not have given Ali and his group the instrument or the authority to hold themselves out to be the executives of the GCB,” the prominent cricket administrator said.

The IMC is a short- term intervention and is expected to be in operation for about three months. It will be comprised of two members from each county board and other resource persons as may be deemed necessary to aid in resolving the issues relating to the country’s cricket operations and development.

The IMC is expected to investigate all the accusations of financial impropriety that have plagued the board for the past two years.

With the IMC appointed, fresh elections can be facilitated at the GCB and DCB. Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony was named to head the IMC. Currently there is no Demerara board, since two factions had claimed to be the legitimate body to run the affairs of the board. This resulted in the court issuing an order preventing both parties from acting on behalf of the DCB. Following Jagdeo’s intervention, president of the WICB, Julian Hunte and International Cricket Council’s Clive Lloyd had visited Guyana and met with Jagdeo and Minister Anthony.