APNU On The Cricket Crisis

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Kaieteur Staff

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has been viewing with mounting concern the crisis which has enveloped the game of cricket in this nation and is making several recommendations to resolve the issue.

In a statement, APNU said, This crisis appears simple but it is the consequence of a variety of factors including criminal behaviour, such as people-trafficking, violence, financial improprieties, abuse of power by many persons in authority, unaccountability, as well as policies of ethnic dominance. Not only is this crisis multidimensional in nature but it’s very complexity and intensity threatened to undermine a national institution that has brought renown and honour to this nation. As a self-respecting nation and as a responsible political movement we cannot allow this to happen.

In this connection APNU is, therefore, encouraged by the various efforts which, though limited, are being made to overcome this crisis and thereby facilitate the continued development of cricket and its contribution to our national existence.

In particular, APNU welcomes the efforts of both the Government and the Interim Management Committee (IMC) as they seek to formulate and implement a set of solutions to this crisis. In the case of the IMC, APNU would have preferred the IMC to be more broad-based and a truer reflection of the interest of all the stakeholders of cricket in Guyana because the solution needs to be underpinned by a national consensus.

It is possible to arrive at a consensus and APNU is prepared, therefore, to lend its weight and influence in the search for such a consensus, so that the process of healing and the rehabilitation of our cricket can begin as soon as possible.

APNU is pleased to note that the latest manifestation of this crisis which initially ended in a national team almost not being sent to Trinidad to participate in the T20 tournament has sensibly been resolved. We wish to congratulate all those who acted with prudence and a sense of national pride in making this possible.

APNU is convinced that the solution to the crisis in cricket in Guyana must be based on the following pillars which address the issues such as corruption, criminal acts, abuse of authority and institutional and personal conflict:

  1. An immediate independent audit of the financial activities of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) over the last decade.
  2. A commission of enquiry into the state of cricket in Guyana with recommendations that will address the issue of protection of the national interest and that of the game in general.
  3. An overhaul of the structure and organs of the GCB.
  4. A complete overhaul of the GCB’s constitution to allow for accountability and to ensure that the officials are servants of the people and of the Board and not the reverse. The holding of elections within the next three months, based on the foregoing recommendations and arrangements.

The crisis in cricket is grave enough to warrant urgency and vigor in tackling it at the root with the support and help of all stakeholders and the people of Guyana. There is a clear and present danger that the national institution of cricket might have its status diminished by practices and activities which are alien to this fine game.