Bacchus: Elections Constitutional

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

Newly re-elected Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) President Fizul Bacchus has dismissed claims that Sunday’s Biennial General Meeting and Elections were held outside the Board’s Constitution. Bacchus was re-elected unopposed, but his sole challenger Prince Holder at the conclusion of the elections had complained about the manner in which Bacchus was re-elected.

The claims by Holder are totally false,” Bacchus said.

He added: “The Constitution never says that each Area Committee must complete their respective internal elections before the ECB holds their elections. Each Area Committee is governed by its own Constitution, so it’s not mandatory that they must have their elections before the ECB.

Bacchus also expressed shock regarding the allegations made by Treasurer of the North Essequibo Cricket Committee Hakim Khan.

Khan’s allegations against Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) President Drubahadur and Secretary Anand Sanasie of verbally assaulting him prior to the start of the elections are not true. Nobody assaulted him,” Bacchus stated.

Meanwhile, Holder told Guyana Times Sport on Monday that the official complaint regarding the issues surrounding the ECB elections will be forwarded to Cricket Ombudsman, Dr Winston McGowan. On Saturday, Dr McGowan stated that he had no problem with the ECB going ahead with its elections, but indicated that should there be any objections coming out from the process, he will intervene.

However, according to information received, Holder reportedly came to the meeting with a cutlass and attempted to disrupt the meeting and threatened to physically assault the GCB President. Guyana Times Sport reported yesterday that Bacchus was returned unopposed as ECB President in “controversial fashion”.

However, GCB officials confirmed that the Executive Committee of the GCB was formally invited to the elections by letter from ECB’s Executive Committee. Sanasie was nominated unopposed by the delegates to perform the duties of Returning Officer.

Contrary to the report, the Constitution of the ECB does not provide for all Area Committees to have their elections prior to the ECB’s Biennial General Meeting and Elections, as each area is governed by its individual Constitution. At the elections, only one candidate was nominated for each of the executive positions.

In addition, the Cricket Ombudsman in not responsible for the calling of County Boards’ Elections.