BCB To Govt: Fix The GCB!

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

Dear Editor,

The Berbice Cricket Board once again calls on the Government to intervene and fix the situation in relation to the Guyana Cricket Board. As we all know the Guyana Cricket Board elections had some unresolved issues pertaining to its legality, resulting in turmoil in the country’s major sport.

At an executive meeting held recently, the members of the Berbice Cricket Board expressed their frustration with the way cricket is run in Guyana.

The Board cited the way the recently held Carib/Pepsi 20/20 Tournament was conducted, the confusion, bullyism and dictatorship associated with it. Can you imagine the Berbice Teams, Managers and Coaches selected by the Berbice Cricket Board were totally ignored? Instead, the so call Guyana Cricket Board picked the teams deliberately to weaken the Berbice Teams so that none can win the tournament, and so it was. We don’t know what their aim is.

Is it to hurt Berbice Cricket Board members and cricketers? Be not fooled, the whole of Guyana knows how well structured cricket is run in Berbice. The results of our Inter-county teams will substantiate the claim.

Now we have the Ramnaresh Sarwan’s issue. Sars is the only cricketer in Guyana who is capable of leading Guyana and wins any Regional competition. It is a shame that different information is coming out from different members of that Committee, another sign of confusion and people dealing with personalities rather than issues.

Sarwan’s records at the Regional and International levels are well known and he will be a great asset to the National Team. Remember, that he led us to the Champions League after winning the Regional Tournament preceding it. It shows clearly that one or two so called power houses of the Ramsey Ali team is trying to get back at Sarwan, something that is very common in this current administration.

Can you imagine how petty this administration is to withhold a meager assistance of $25,000 to assist the Berbice Cricket Board with the administrative expenses? This shows clearly that you cannot speak out or take any action against that administration, we don’t understand what is the objective but we will like the Guyana Cricket Board know that the Berbice Cricket Board is stronger than that and will survive.

Mr. Editor, the Nation can see how power hungry this Guyana Cricket Board is and to what extent they can go to maintain power. We call on all decent members of the Guyana Cricket Board to let good sense prevail and don’t be blinded by positions to take control of the Berbice Board.

Once again we call on the new President, Mr. Donald Ramotar to set up a committee and to investigate the functions of that Board for we all know that lots of funds are handled by these men and there are several allegations of corruption and misuse of funds and power. Sir, we cannot sit idle and allow an organization to operate above the law without being answerable to anyone. The funds of any organization are the funds of the public at large.

And the Executives of the Berbice Cricket Board take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Donald Ramotar for being elected as the President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. We are certain that you will utilize all your skills and energy towards the further development of our beautiful Country. The Board also calls on the other parties that contested the elections to let us be united and move on.

Our country comes first and takes precedence over the dreams and aspirations of any individual.

Best wishes once again.

The Executives of the Berbice Cricket Board