Beepat Helps GCA Program

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Stabroek News
Stabroek News Staff

The Georgetown Cricket Association’s (GCA) Life Skills Programme got a shot in the arm yesterday with a donation of $100,000 from the firm M. Beepat and Sons. The programme is being conducted by the GCA in collaboration with the Commonwealth Youth Programme.

Managing Director of M. Beepat and Sons, Jonathan Beepat, handed over the cheque for $100,000 to the president of the Georgetown Cricket Association, Alfred Mentore. Beepat said his company was happy to be a part of the seminar and congratulated the GCA for its foresight in arranging it.

Mentore, in receiving the cheque, thanked Beepat for his timely contribution and said that the workshop will make a difference in the lives of young cricketers. Mentore also thanked former president of the GCA and its current Marketing Consultant Bish Panday for arranging the sponsorship. He said through Panday’s involvement the GCA has been able to reach the business community on this and other initiatives.