Bill Will Bring Transparency

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Sean Devers

The Cricket Bill was passed last week in Parliament and will become Law when President Donald Ramotar signs the document but already President of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) Roger Harper and Head of the East Coast Cricket Board Bissoon Singh are hailing the Bill as a victory for cricketing Democracy and transparency.

According the Harper, a former West Indies Test off-spinner, the Bill is a way of streamlining the whole cricket structure and organization in Guyana.

It will help to ensure that Associations and Boards are all on the same page and the election processes for the bodies are better structured and also all are accountable,” Harper opined.

We (GCA) are hoping that this (Bill) will mean that more of the right people with genuine interest in the development and advancement of the game at heart will be involved in the running of the sport,” The former Guyana Captain said.

He added that no one has a problem with the Guyana Cricket Board per se but the manner in which the current executives attained office because there will always be a Guyana Cricket Board.  Harper said he is hoping that the Bill with help to clean up all the chaos in Guyana’s cricket.

Singh agreed with Harper and added that the Bill will bring transparency and Democracy at all levels which did not happen in the last four years.

The most productive cricket sectors in Guyana are the GCA, the East Coast Board and the Berbice Cricket Board. We have produced all of the National players and yet have not received a single cent from the purported GCB,” Singh, a former Vice President of the GCB noted.

We are unaware of the amount of money Guyana gets from the WICB, but we know that at least US$100,000 comes here annually but we don’t know what else is coming here,” Singh added.

Singh said that the ECCB would like to thank Corporate Guyana and all others for their support during the turbulent times.

We also want to thank those who have seen it fit in the National Assembly to address this situation,” Singh concluded.