Bissoon: TV Program Doctored

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Guyana Chronicle
Chronicle Staff

PRESIDENT of the Demerara Cricket Board, Mr. Bissoondyal Singh, is asking the public not to take seriously an allegedly doctored version of a court-ordered Board meeting aired some Saturdays ago ad nauseam on CNS Channel 6, and causing quite a stir among all and sundry for the contentiousness of the exchanges. In a statement issued late yesterday, Singh said the following.

It is with great regret that we have to inform the general public to disregard/ignore the publication, on CNS Channel 6 on Saturday 12th January, 2011, of excerpts of the special court-ordered Demerara Cricket Board executive meeting held on the 17th January, 2011.

There are persons who are attempting to mislead/confuse the general public of what actually transpired at that special meeting. The footage shown on the television was edited, and the actual contents of the meeting were doctored in such a manner as to give a particular impression.

We would be extremely happy to publicize the entire video footage of the meeting so that every Guyanese would have the opportunity to see clearly what transpired but we simply cannot. This matter is attracting the attention of the Supreme Court and we humbly respect that. The unedited recording of the meeting is available, but it is the subject of the court proceedings, and we respect the rule of law.