Bissoondyal Continues Hypocrisy

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Kaieteur News
Colin Europe

Dear Editor,

I noticed recently in the news media, the National Disgruntled Cricket Administrators Group (NDCAG) and Roger Harper hosting a Press Conference again urging the Government to intervene in the positive actions being taken by the GCB to resolve the cricket impasse and file contempt of court charges against these Execs.

It is instructive that the same Roger Harper had filed contempt charges against some members of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) but had to withdraw same for reasons which I would leave him to explain. Yet still he is allowing himself again to be misled by this disgruntled group to join in offering advices to the Government on something which he himself was unsuccessful with at another level.

I surely hope they are not trying to set up this Government again with their wild and reckless statements and advices. Since they are all injuncted against at the DCB level, they are now seeking a national title to compete with the GCB hence the name NDCAG.

Another observation is that these disgruntled individuals seem to have abandoned the IMC or has it now been disbanded by the Government? That would be correct as they set it up and, as such, can do whatever they want with it.

The former President of the DCB, Bissoondyal continues to peddle the falsehoods of financial irregularities at the GCB level but I need to remind him of his own indiscretions at the DCB level for which he has never offered an explanation for the financial irregularities that he presided over directly with his East Coast colleague, Mr. Jaigobin, former Treasurer of the said DCB.

Hereunder is an extract of an email that was sent from the former Secretary of the DCB, Mr. Rajendra Singh on October 5th 2010 to him and other Execs of the DCB at that time:

“At our last statutory meeting scheduled for September 28th 2010, only 4 persons turned up for this meeting, namely, myself, President, Messrs Sanasie & Harper so we did not have quorum. Mr Sanasie left prior to some discussions taking place between the other persons present. Mr Harper and the President discussed the playing off of the 1st Division finals where Mr Harper reminded the President on more than 1 occasion that DCB competitions took precedence over GCA or any other area association cricket and requested adequate notice to reschedule their cricket accordingly.

The President then made a startling announcement that a large sum of money was withdrawn from the DCB account recently to pay for some expenses incurred. I immediately pointed out to him that this was not proper accounting control, to which he responded that several other large organisations operate the same way and he sees nothing wrong with the DCB doing this.

I also pointed out to him that he had earlier said that there were no check leaves available to make payments and he accepted this but revealed that a single old check leaf was found somewhere by the Treasurer and this was used to withdraw this large sum of money - the quantity was not revealed.”

“I then pointed out to the President that he was aware that I had uplifted the check books from the Bank several months ago and he could have easily contacted me to get the checkbooks and ensure that the correct accounting procedures were followed. (I had contacted the President when I uplifted the books to process the EBDCA & WDCA payments which were approved at our last Exec meeting earlier this year, but could not be issued as the Treasurer advised then that they would only be issued when the check books are uplifted. He also advised that the Treasurer is in possession of all the supporting docs and he does not want to ask his wife for same due to the Treasurer’s status in hospital.) He responded that he was unaware that I was in the country.

This is a real sorry state of affairs and I am shocked that the President would authorise the operations of the Board to be carried out in this manner. This seems to be very similar to the alleged financial irregularities that the same group is protesting at the GCB level. This smacks of hypocrisy. I have not gone public with this but am raising this at our Executive level and await the comments of the other execs”.

Mr. Bissoondyal has never responded to the Honorary Secretary on this issue which involved approximately 75% of the total funds held in the accounts of the DCB at the time (almost $800,000) nor has he ever responded about the legal fees issue which was alleged paid to Mr. Nandalall and several other mismanagement issues that attracted a no confidence motion during his tenure. These accounts attracted a qualified opinion by his fellow IMC member, Parmasar & Co with the issuance of a management letter identifying this misconduct.

We do not want to hear excuses about his huge personal fortune or inheritance and his intolerance for such miniscule amounts of the DCB nor who he is indebted to or does or does not pay his debts. These are not his personal funds to be used as he pleases. How can you have any credibility with these issues left hanging out there?

The above email smacks of him sucking up to the wishes of Mr. Harper during the discussion about the staging of the 1st Division finals and his arrogance in dealing with matters of financial accountability and respect for accounting controls for which he has absolutely no regard yet still he feels free to accuse others of doing the same. I have always said that people in glass houses should never throw stones.

Another very glaring issue about the contents of this extract is the absolute silence of Mr. Harper during the exchanges between the Secretary and the President regarding this financial irregularity. It reminds us again of his selective silence during the said President’s attempt to exclude the said Messrs. Raj Singh & Rovin Stanley from participating in the last AGM of the DCB in January 2011. How can we have respect for such persons who allow themselves to be prostituted by some power hungry people?

Bissoondyal is on record of saying several times during 2010 that if he cannot get what he wants at the GCB level, he will ‘bruck’ up everything. These words have been proven to be so true as he has spearheaded the demise of cricket in Guyana for the last 3 years and has single-handedly been responsible for the state of affairs of cricket in Guyana

Colin Europe