Car Accident Kills Cricketer

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Kaieteur News Staff

Former national youth cricketer Karamchand Shivdyal died on Saturday after a vehicle he was travelling in crashed on the Number 19 Public Road.

Karamchand Shivdyal

Reports indicated that Shivdyal, 27, and about four friends were in a Black Raum, PKK 3543. It is understood that the men first visited a wedding house and then journeyed to the Castle Disco in New Amsterdam. They were making their way home around 04:00 hrs when the accident occurred.

The driver, Eugene Cort, of Lot 134 Fyrish North, stated that he swerved to avoid hitting a cow and the vehicle overturned. After the accident, the driver reportedly left the scene and the car was hidden. However the police were tipped off and eventually located the vehicle and the driver. He is currently in custody. 

None of the others in the vehicle received serious injuries.

Shivdyal, a sugar boiler at the Albion Estate, left home on Friday afternoon to work the 14.00-22.00 hr shift.When he did not return home, his parents assumed that he was working through the night.

However, according to his mother, she received a call around 05:00 hrs that her son was involved in an accident and was hospitalized. When she arrived at the New Amsterdam Hospital, doctors were preparing to have him transferred to the Georgetown Hospital. However, Shivdyal passed away while he was in the ambulance.

His father, also a cricket umpire and an employee at the Albion Estate, stated that he worked that night and received the tragic news when he arrived home around 06:00 hrs. He immediately rushed to the hospital.

When he arrived there his son was taking oxygen and was being prepared to be transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital. However, Shivdyal died before the ambulance could have moved off. The man's distraught wife, Devica Somai, in tears recalled that her husband had kissed their son before leaving.

Shivdyal, an all-rounder, and his older brother both represented Guyana at the youth level. He also played for the Albion Community Centre.