Chief Scout Endorses Ali

Date Published: 
Guyana Chronicle
Ron Robinson

IT was with disbelief that I read a letter from Mr Claude Raphael in the edition of Sunday January 9 2011 with regard to the performance of Mr Ramsay Ali as a member of the Guyana Cricket Board. Mr Ali has been the First Vice President of the Scouts Association of Guyana for the past six years, during which time he has been exemplary and a distinct asset to the Association.

His contribution to the development of the Scouts Movement in Guyana is immeasurable, as was evidenced when he chaired the organising committee of the 14th Caribbean Jamboree hosted by Guyana in 2009. This event also marked 100 years of Scouting in Guyana – the longest established group in the Caribbean and the fifth longest of the more than 200 countries worldwide which have embraced Scouting. The Jamboree was hailed as undoubtedly the best ever held in this part of the world and is still talked about by those who participated.

Mr Ali has been regular in his attendance at Executive Meetings and has extended his skills and business acumen to the rehabilitation of Scout Headquarters on Woolford Avenue. This he also undertook and was instrumental in its completion in a timely manner. The annual Scout Fairs have also been the responsibility of Mr Ali and have been successful fund-raising efforts for SAG.  Any scout leader would testify that he has been a major player in the development of our Association ever since he took office.

His contributions have been integral to the success which SAG has enjoyed during his tenure and he has never failed in the completion of any task he has undertaken for the Movement. Through Mr Ali’s diligence the financial accounts of the association are now updated and audited by an reputable independent external auditor.

It is with this background that I can attest personally that I am still in disbelief that this is the same person to whom Mr Raphael referred in his article. This is most decidedly not the Ramsay Ali that I and the Scouts Association of Guyana have come to know and respect and who has endeared himself to well over 500 Scout Leaders, Venture and Explorer Scouts and Cubs over the past six years.

I sincerely hope that he will continue to serve SAG as his has been a sterling (no pun intended) contribution to the development of young scouts in Guyana and we are indeed grateful for the hard and untiring work he has done for us.

Yours faithfully
Ron Robinson A.A.
President and Chief Scout.