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Yolo 10/10 competition

10 Feb 2013 - One of Guyana’s most exciting softball cricket teams has confirmed participation in the upcoming inaugural YOLO Entertainment 10/10 Challenge Series.

The Invaders of Cornelia Ida on the West Coast of Demerara have indicated their intention to be part of the Series and, according to their captain Harrinarine Bissoondyal, they are pulling out all the stops in a bid win the event.

Cornelia Ida’s Invaders team celebrate a win in a previous competition.

He said that the team had begun their preparations immediately after learning of the organisers’ intention to stage the tournament.

Invaders have been campaigning in the softball arena for the past five years and have over eleven trophies that they have won from competing in various tournaments to date. According to the captain, one of the strong points of the team is their fielding. He said this is an aspect of the game that a lot of teams overlook, but it is one of the vital areas in the game and usually enhances a team’s chances of winning matches.

He however, added that they will definitely be looking to improve in all the other facets of the game to strengthen their chances of doing well in the competition.

The team’s sponsors Richard Baker, Hardat Singh and Anthony Singh are optimistic of the team’s prospects of winning the Series and are determined to pull out all the stops to make certain that they get the best possible preparations to enhance their chances of securing the top prize.

Harrinarine pointed out that one of the teams that they expect a strong challenge from is “Speedboat”. But he said they have a special plan to deal with them. He joked (Invaders) are building a special “boat” of which they will give to “Speedboat” when they defeat them, so they could sail comfortably back home.

The Series is set to get underway pretty soon as the Organisers await the confirmation of the teams that are expected to fill the last few spots in the roster before releasing tournament dates and venues.

The usual picnic atmosphere is expected at the game venues.