Congrats From Florida Hurricanes

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Subject: Great Tournament
From: Hurricanes Cricket Club
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011


First I must say thanks for giving Hurricanes Cricket Club the chance to take part in such a great competition. Everyone I spoke with only had positive things to say about the tournament and how much work the executives did to pull this off. I myself was not there for the finals due to work issues but the rest of my team was, and they kept telling me I was missing out on one of the greatest finals ever. I can only hope that you guys will hold it again next year because we are already putting together our team.

Congratz to the executives and anyone else that contributed to make it such a successful tournament - job well done.

Hurricanes Cricket Club is putting together a team to compete in the FLORIDA CUP in March. We hope to see you guys there.

Thank You......

Hurricanes Cricket Club.
Jainan (Manager)