Congrats From NYSCL (New York)

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New York Softball Cricket League (NYSCL)

Date: November 10, 2011
To: Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association
  Georgetown, Guyana

Re: NYSCL thanks to GFSCA Tournaments Committee

The tournaments (Guyana Cup and Guyana Masters) have been a resounding success and I have heard a great deal of praise from those who attended. I must say I was present and the tournaments were well organized.

I take this opportunity to say a special thank you on behalf of our league NYSCL, for allowing us to be part of this wonderful event. All those who helped your association, especially the volunteers and sponsors did very good work, making it an unforgettable journey to Guyana. Along with everyone I have asked, believe that your organization executive committee was the key to the whole success.

Our teams were very impressed by the quality of competitions provided by both the touring and home teams. Congratulations to the two championship teams, Cotton Field Wild Oats and Regal Masters.

We at NYSCL are looking forward to your next event and we are hoping that this can be done every other year.

Thank you again for your Association's generosity, and friendliness, we hope to see you again soon.


Eric Ferrier