Contempt Motion Against GCB

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

The Guyana government has commenced filing individual contempt of court motions against each executive member of the Guyana Cricket Board for their flouting of an earlier court order that debarred them from functioning in their respective capacities. This was confirmed by Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall.

This publication understands that in the contempt motions, the defendants can be committed to the Georgetown prison for unlawfully disobeying the order of the Chief Justice Ian Chang. Guyana Times Sport also learned that contempt motions will be filed against Fizul Bacchus, Alfred Mentore, Anand Sanasie, Dru Bahadur, Anand Kalladeen, Colin Europe, Terrence Holder, Rayon Griffith and Nazimul Drepaul.

This publication was informed that three of the nine contempt motions were filed on Wednesday while the remaining six will be filed sometime this morning.

GCB Secretary, Anand Sanasie told this publication back in December that based on the legal advice received, the board can continue to operate despite the interim injunction granted against the entity.

However, during an interview recently, Nandlall revealed that the GCB executives are demonstrating clearly that they have no regard for court orders and the Laws of Guyana. The legal affairs minister reminded that the High Court injunction secured by the government of Guyana back in February prevents the executives of the GCB from performing duties on behalf of the board and remains in force.

Sometime in April last year that injunction was discharged by the Chief Justice. That discharge was suspended and or put on hold by the Chief Justice after hearing arguments from lawyers appearing for the Attorney-General.

Then that order which discharged the injunction was subsequently vacated and the hearings of those proceedings continued on the basis that the injunction was still in force. Affidavits continued to be filed by lawyers of the nine injuncted persons in their attempt to have the injunction discharged,” Nandlall continued.

Suddenly in the month of November these injuncted persons through a process that is incomprehensive began to say in the press that the injunction was discharged, though they are going to court on a frequent basis and filing affidavits and submissions in their attempt to discharge the very injunction that they suddenly saying was not in force. In other words they have manufactured and concocted a self-serving position that the injunction has suddenly varnished.

As a result of their public announcement, the Chief Justice summoned all the parties to his office on December 5 and made it clear that the injunction is in force. However, not withstanding that clarification by the Chief Justice with respect to this self-induced belief of these persons, they continue to act in flagrant breach of and disregard of the order of the Chief Justice, which prohibits them to act as members/officers of the defunct GCB, or as cricket administrators in Guyana,” Nandlall concluded.

GCB elections

Meanwhile, the GCB will stage its annual general meeting on Sunday at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion beginning at 10:00 hours. However, it is not clear whether the AGM will go ahead as scheduled since under the present constitution, for the AGM to go ahead two of the three county boards must be present and there must be 12 delegates from the two county boards.

Presently, only the Essequibo Cricket Board will be participating in Sunday’s AGM. When contacted a source from the Berbice Cricket Board, said that the BCB had not received any official notification from the GCB with respect to Sunday’s meeting. Hence the board will not take part in the electoral process.

Meanwhile, elections of the Demerara Cricket Board is scheduled for today from 17:00 hours in the GCB boardroom but the legality of that election is in question, taking into consideration that both factions are barred by the courts from operating.