Contract Signed For Albion Lights

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Andrew Carmichael

The contract to erect lights at the Albion Community ground was signed on Thursday at pavilion of venue with Cummings Electrical.

The project will cost $91 million, according Sport Minister Dr Frank Anthony when he addressed stakeholders, including officials from Region Six, Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the Albion sugar estate. He also noted that the investment is a big one by the government.

He stated that in some venues across the region they are no lights to accommodate sporting events but this will soon change.

“It is our desire at the governmental level to make sure that we continue investing in this particular facility so that we can meet the new standards that the West Indies Crick Board now have in place to make sure international cricket matches come back to Albion.”

Apart from the lights, the infrastructure also has to be improved with the minister saying that he understands there is a drainage problem on the ground. He said to address this it will be suggested that the same type of underground drainage system at the Guyana National Stadium, be implemented at Albion.

“It will take us time and a lot of dedication and perseverance and we have to keep working at this in partnership.”

Meanwhile, Cummings Electrical will have the responsibility for the civil and electrical works. Six light towers will be constructed, along with boxes to hold the light towers. Cummings Electrical will also be responsible for all the electrical supplies and will have to construct the control house for the lights.

The lights have already been purchased from an overseas company to the tune of $47 million. Each of the six towers will have 17 light bulbs on them.

Anthony said Cummings Electrical has four months to hand over the Albion Community Centre fully equipped with lights.

Electrical engineer of Cummings Electrical Curtis Farley indicated his company’s commitment to the project, saying that it will be completed before the four-month deadline.

The minister noted that the project is the brainchild of President Donald Ramotar and it will be good to have it completed in time for Christmas.