COPS Security, Universal DVD Assist

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

Universal DVD Club and COPS (Guyana) Security have joined a long list of sponsors for the Guyana Independence T20 Cup, slated for the Albion Sports Complex next Saturday.

Ashwin Carpen (right) of Universal DVD presented his company cheque to Gyandat Murray, member of the organising committee.

COPS Security will cover the cost of meals for the entire day and provide security personnel, while Universal DVD will sponsor the runner-up prize of $250,000 and cover all expenses for the Universal DVD Berbice Titans team.

At a ceremony held recently, Chandra Rampersaud of COPS Security, and Ashwin Carpen of Universal DVD presented their cheques to Gyandat Murray, a member of the organising committee.

Representatives of both the sponsors expressed confidence in the two charitable organisations involved in this tournament, and as such they willingly granted the request for assistance.

Murray expressed gratitude to the sponsors and assured them that their moneys will be well spent.

Proceeds from this grand event will go towards the work of both organisations, selected orphanages, cricket clubs in Berbice and other charities.

The day’s action will comprise four exciting teams – Universal DVD Berbice Titans, Karibee Rice Tigers, Hits and Jams Superstars and New Line Cavaliers – battling for over one million dollars in prizes.

Action will commence at 10:30 hours with two games being played during the day. When the night steps in, the ground will be transformed with big screen projectors, cheerleaders and the final under floodlights.

Admission to the venue is $500 for adults and $200 for children. Gates will be opened from 09:00 hours.  Tickets will be sold only at the venue and patrons are urged to grab them before they are sold out.