Court Blocks ‘No Confidence’ Motion

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Senior executives of the Demerara Cricket Board have moved to the court to block a motion calling for their removal from office.

In a writ filed in the High Court, Bissoondyal Deodasingh, President of the Demerara Cricket Board; his Assistant Secretary, Samaroo Jailall; and his treasurer, Pretipaul Jailall; claim that a motion is slated to be moved at an Ordinary General Meeting of the Board today, calling for their removal.

The motion proposes to call on the trio to forthwith step down and demit office and for a new Executive Committee to be elected to serve until the next Annual General Meeting. The motion was being taken to the meeting by the Presidents of the East Bank Cricket Association, the Georgetown Cricket Association and the West Demerara Cricket Association, namely Rohan Sarjoo, Alfred Mentore and Anand Sanasie, respectively.

According to Deodasingh, the Demerara Cricket Board is governed by a Constitution which provides, inter alia, for its name; flag and emblem; aims and objects; membership; executive, their election to office, their tenure of office and their removal from office.

The Demerara Cricket Board consists of four (4) constituent members, namely: the East Bank Cricket Association; the Georgetown Cricket Association; the West Demerara Cricket Association; the East Coast Cricket Board.

The Demerara Cricket Board held its Annual General Meeting on January 24, 2009 at Wales Community Centre, Wales, West Bank Demerara, and the following persons were elected to the Executive Committee of the Board in the following offices: Bissoondyal Deodasingh – President; Clyde Butts – Vice President; Anand Sanasie – Vice President; Rajendra Singh – Secretary; Samaroo Jailall – Assistant Secretary; Pretipaul Jaigobin – Treasurer; Lalta Digamber – Assistant Treasurer; Krishendat Mangal – Competitions Chairman; Rovin Stanley – Public Relations Officer.

Rohan Sarjoo and Alfred Mentore were subsequently co-opted to the Executive Committee of the Demerara Cricket Board in accordance with Article 5 (5) of the Constitution thereof and are accordingly not elected officials of the said Board, Deodasingh claims.

Deodasingh in the affidavit states that he is advised by Mr. Mohabir Anil Nandlall, Attorney-at-Law, and believes that the motion calling for his removal and that of his two other colleagues is unconstitutional, unlawful, illegal, null, void and of no effect.

Deodasingh further contests that the only type of Motion contemplated and provided for the constitution of the Demerara Cricket Board and the only way that the Executive Committee can be removed from office, other than by elections, is by a Motion of No Confidence in the Executive Committee which, in accordance with the said Constitution, must be submitted within nine months from the date of the election of the executive committee at the preceding Annual General Meeting. That nine-month period has expired.

However, because of the numerical strength of the Respondents/Defendants and their followers, it is very possible that they can present the aforesaid Motion, and indeed any Motion, and succeed in getting the same passed irrespective of whether the said Motion complies with, contravenes, or is ultra vires the constitution, Deodasingh argues.

He further stated in the affidavit that “there is every likelihood” that the defendants will get the motion passed and as a result they sought the court order to block the motion from being tabled.

The matter stands adjourned to December 18, 2009 before Justice Franklin Holder in Chambers.