DCB Comments On Bill

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Kaieteur Staff

The Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) has made its submissions to the Special Select Committee of the National Assembly which is presently sitting in deliberation of the Cricket Administration Bill 2012.

The Board has also indicated its willingness to make oral presentations to the Select Committee at a mutually convenient date for all parties.

The Bill is headlined “A Bill to make provision for the incorporation of autonomous national cricket administrative organizations in Guyana and to provide for other matters connected therewith”-

The DCB contends that this clause is misconceived, deficient and incomplete. There is not only one national autonomous cricket administrative organisation in Guyana, namely the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), but there are also the Guyana Softball Cricket League and the Guyana Tapeball Cricket Association which are also autonomous national cricket organisations.

The member boards of the GCB, namely, Demerara Cricket Board (DCB), Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB), and the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), which are all part of the Bill are not autonomous national cricket administrative organisations as they are County Boards affiliated to the GCB. This clause needs to be corrected to properly describe the correct intention of the Bill.

Thirdly, why is this Bill only addressing or targeting the GCB administration since the intent of the Government of Guyana (GOG) should be to corporatize all sporting organisations? Another very important issue is the fact that if all the Boards are made autonomous, there would be neither relationships nor accountability between the area associations, member boards and the parent board which effectively dismantles the entire administrative structure that has existed in Guyana for decades.

The corporatisation aspect of this Bill also does not address all the various subsets and Clubs that make up the County Boards and is thus deficient and may be illegal.

The name of the Bill should be reflective of corporatising all the sporting entities in Guyana and appropriately named. Why should we wait until there is a crisis in another area to address an issue? In addition, this Bill should deal with all sporting organisations or, alternatively, have Bills prepared for each sporting discipline separately.

The DCB is recommending that the constitutions for all the Clubs, Area Associations, County Boards and the GCB should be agreed upon by its respective memberships and not legislated so as to ensure that all of the provisions in every constitution dovetail with the others in a structured manner. The membership of the GCB has already approved its revised constitution.