DCB President Granted Injunction

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Chief Justice Ian Chang yesterday granted an ex-parte injunction to President of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) Bissoondyal Singh, Pritipaul Jaigobin, Roger Harper, Robert Adonis and Samaroo Jailall restraining Secretary of the DCB Rajendra Singh from convening any executive Meeting until January 21 when the matter is heard.

Bissoondyal Singh through attorneys Mohabir Anil Nandlall, Euclin Gomes and Manoj Narayan applied for an ex-parte injunction against respondents / defendants Anil Sanasie, Rajendra Singh, Lalta Degamber, Nazimul Drepaul, Rohan Sarjoo and Krishchand Mangal barring them from holding meetings to change decisions made at an executive meeting which was held Monday last at the Guyana Cricket Board Head Office.

At the Executive Meeting which visible rancour dominated proceedings, the executive still managed to settle on a date and place for the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) as previously ordered by the Honourable Chief Justice Ian Chang.

Chaired by President Bissoondyal Singh, members of the executive that included Vice-President Anand Sanasie, Secretary-Raj Singh, Treasurer- Pretipaul Jiagobin, Assistant Secretary- Samaroo Jailall, Assistant Treasurer- Lalta Digamber, Competitions Committee Chairman- Krishnchand Mangal, PRO- Rovin Stanley, Marketing Manager- Ravi Prashad, East Bank Cricket Association Representative Rohan Sarjoo, Robert Adonis, Nazimul Drepaul and Georgetown Cricket Association Representative Roger Harper, agreed to hold the elections on January 22 after exhaustive and at times antagonistic deliberations threatened to take centre stage and even ruin the discussions.

The election of office bearers will determine the executive to lead the entity through the 2011/12 period.

Among the topics that caused fierce debate was the contentious issue of the allocation of delegates of the four sub-associations and according to the court documents presented to this newspaper by Singh, the allocation is as follows: East Coast Demerara 16; Georgetown 10; West Demerara 11 and East Bank Demerara 10.

Singh further informed that the DCB AGM will be held on January 22, at the Lusignan Community Centre. The Georgetown Cricket Club is also being considered as an alternate venue.

Charles Ramson jnr. has been retained as the Returning Officer.

Meanwhile, according to a document received from a source close to the DCB, the allocation of delegates among the four sub-associations contradicts that of which was cited in the court.

He stated that West Bank Demerara, East Coast Demerara and East Bank Demerara were allocated 14 delegates each, while Georgetown was given 10.

The release added that the constitution of the DCB allocates delegates based on the participation of clubs in its club competition in the preceding year and since there was no such competition in 2010 the majority of the executive agreed to abide by an allocation of delegates based on competitions played in 2009 as reported by the Chairman of the Competitions Committee.

The release informed that K. Juman Yassin is the appointed Returning Officer for the AGM.

However, the ex-parte injunction submitted by Singh clearly debars the officials from convening any Meeting and arriving at decisions, before a scheduled court date set for January 21 which is expected to finally settle on the way forward.