Demerara Board A Phantom

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Kaieteur News
East Coast Cricket Board

The Executive and Members of the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) have expressed their profound disgust at the continuing dishonesty of those individuals the Board is accusing of pretending to be the Executives of the Demerara Cricket Board (DUB).

Their latest escapade was to place an article in the newspapers of July 21 inviting clubs of the ECCB to meet with them to discuss cricket and the Board's competitions.

The proposed meeting we consider to be a charade for the mystery group of the DCB to gain some form of acceptance and to deflect the real issue that they are an illegal Executive.

On January 25, 2013, Madame Justice Diane Insanally granted an injunction preventing Rajendra Singh, Lalta Digamber, Anand Sanasie, Alfred Mentore, Anand Kalladeen, Ravindranauth Persaud, Ronald Sarjoo, Nazimul Drepaul, Colin Europe, Ray Persaud, Krishnchand Mangal, Chetram Singh, Lionel Jaikaran, Ramsey Ali, Fizul Bacchus, Dru Bahadur, Troy Mendonca, Terrence Holder and Rayon Griffith from holding elections of the DCB.

The Competitions Committee of the ECCB said that it turned up to find out who is the phantom group of the DCB but was met by only Anand Sanasie and Raj Singh who could not explain the purpose of the proposed meeting nor say who are the purported Executives Members of the DCB. The secrecy surrounding this phantom group is intended to avoid charges of contempt resulting in imprisonment, the committee added.

We view this latest reprehensible action by this illegal group as another feeble attempt to divide and cause confusion within a Board that has a legal and properly constituted Executive in place. That the meeting did not come off for lack of attendance is testimony to the respect that the clubs on the East Coast have for the rule of law and in particular for Madame Justice Insanally's order.

Meanwhile, the ECCB has held a number of competitions for 2013, some of which will resume after the rains. Two new ones are scheduled to be launched in addition to the Carib T20. Also, the Annual Cricket Academy will be held in August 2013.

There is no cricket at all being played in West Demerara or on the East Bank. These two areas are controlled by Anand Sanasie and Raj Singh.

This illegal DCB Executive has selected teams for the ECCB and has blatantly discriminated against and marginalised talented young cricketers, the East Coast Board noted.