DeSinco’s Lipton Tea Cup On 13 May

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Melinda Bishundyal

Desinco Group of Companies’ inaugural Lipton Tea Cup will be played on May 13 at the Everest Cricket Club ground between Everest and Ghandi Youth Organisation (GYO) from 09:30 hours.

Everest and GYO captains collecting the tournament trophy from Alicia DeAbreu, General Manager. Looking on is Frank DeAbreu, Proprietor.

The tournament was officially launched yesterday at DeSinco Group of Companies on Sherrif Street. DeSinco’s proprietor, Frank DeAbreu, stated that his companies have always been committed to all forms of sports and will continue to do so as it is a positive culture. He noted that the purpose of the tournament is to commemorate the arrival of East Indians to Guyana.

The tournament is a one-day 50 overs per side match and players are expected to wear white clothes. DeAbreu noted that the contest will start with Everest and GYO this year but more teams will be added each year. He further stated that the winner of each year will have a lien tournament trophy but if a team wins it for three consecutive years, that team will be given the trophy to keep.

The proprietor explained that there will be other events at the game. According to him there will be a luncheon for the GYO and Everest executives along with the captains from the various cricket clubs and other special invitees.

Also, an East Indian who has made a contribution to cricket will be recognized. He/she may be a cricketer, Sports Journalist, umpire, scorer, commentator or groundsman. DeAbreu, who will be selecting the individual, pointed out that the person chosen does not have to be the best in his field but rather would have made a contribution to the game.

Speaking at the launch also, Everest captain and former youth player Troy Gonsalves thanked the sponsors for what he believes is an important venture. He said he is looking forward to the game. Likewise, GYO captain, Surendra Hiralal, stated that he is happy for such a tournament and his team is excited to give it their best shot. He added that they really want to beat Everest and they will play hard for the cup.

Meanwhile, DeAbreu also mentioned a similar tournament that will be launched in August that will be called the Emancipation Cup and it will serve to celebrate the freedom of slaves. The teams that will be competing are GYO and Demerara Cricket Club (DCC). Like the Arrival anniversary tournament, the Emancipation tournament will recognise an Afro- Guyanese that made a contribution to the game.

He concluded by saying that he is eagerly looking forward to the tournament and wished the two teams the best and hopes for a fun filled day.