Dru Bahadur New GCB President

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Zaheer Mohamed

Drubahadur was elected president of the Guyana Cricket Board when the body held its Biannual General Meeting and elections yesterday at the Georgetown Cricket Club, Bourda.

The meeting, which was observed by the West Indies Cricket Board, was attended by delegates from the Essequibo and Demerara Cricket Boards, while Berbice Cricket had no representative. Fizul Bacchus (administrative) and Alfred Mentore (cricket development) are the Vice Presidents. Anand Sanasie retained his position of Secretary while Virendra Chintamanie will serve as the Assistant Secretary.

Other members of the executive are Anand Kalladeen Treasurer, Rajesh Singh Assistant Treasurer, Rajendra Singh Marketing Manager, Andy Ramnarine Public Relations Officer and Colin Europe Competition Committee Chairman. The board’s auditor is Barcellos Narine and company, while the Trustees are Lalta DeGamber and Ramdeo Kumar.

Meanwhile, WICB observer Conde’ Riley, who is the Vice President of the Barbados Cricket Association and a director of the WICB, said that he was satisfied with the elections and it was well executed. He stated that the WICB supports the GCB and want to make sure Guyana participates in all Regional tournaments. He also informed they were asked to send a representative.

At a press conference held after the meeting, Secretary of the Board Sanasie said only two or three officers were served with a contempt of motion in relation to the Demerara Cricket Board, excluding him. He also stated that some observers from Berbice were present at the meeting.

Notices were served for the meeting upon constitutional requirements which is one month in advance to all county boards. It was also published in sections of the media and the BCB did receive same. The ECB and DCB were represented fully with nine delegates each,” he added.

Sanasie, who is also a director on the WICB, informed that they received an order from Justice Ramlall for the locks to be removed from the GCB and they reverted office. He added the GCB finalised and approved their constitution at the meeting and it will be part of the recommendation for the parliamentary select committee.

When quizzed about the IMC constitution, he said it had many flaws and could not work, and that the GCB cannot agree with the cricket administrative bill in its present form. Sanasie also told the media that the BCB are important to Guyana cricket and the GCB will continue to work with them closely. In relation to female cricket, he said a decision was taken at the WICB level to raise the players pay per diem and the GCB need to look in that direction as well.

Guyana will host a warm-up game and the first Test match during Pakistan tour of the Caribbean in 2013 as well as the last two rounds of the regional 50-over sand 4-day competitions, but if the present impasse continues they stand to loose these matches and the WICB will make some strong decisions regarding same.

We are in talks with the Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Tourism to host games in the Caribbean Premier League, where the players stand to gain significantly, but they too stand to loose if the present in-fighting continues and they will be heading into some dark days.

Vice-President Alfred Mentore said that Guyana has a great representation on the female West Indies team and the board is hoping to start female cricket in schools so women can get more involved, and with support from the Government they are hoping to take things further.