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The East Bank Demerara Cricket Association {EBDCA} recently visited Linden and met with representatives of several clubs in the area at the Mackenzie Sports Club. Some concrete decisions were made after fruitful discussions on the way forward for cricket administration in the Linden area, a release from the EBDCA has stated.

In the release, association President Rohan Sarjoo disclosed, “Geographically, constitutionally, historically and logistically, cricket administration in this area falls under the purview of the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association.

The EBDCA strongly denounces the subversive and divisive actions of a few misguided individuals on the Guyana Cricket Board operating under the guise of the Cricket Development Committee. The EBDCA notes that cricket development seems not to be any part of the agenda of this body which seems hell bent on overseeing the destruction of cricket at all levels in Guyana.

The EBDCA has obtained legal advice on the current situation and has adopted such advice in making one of the major decisions at this meeting. It has decided to place a ‘freeze’ on the operations of the Upper Demerara Cricket Association {UDCA} and has replaced this grouping with a Sub-Committee of the EBDCA to administer cricket in the Linden area.

The reasoning behind this decision is that the constitution of the EBDCA only provides for 2 classes of members, namely, associates and full members, and these are restricted to clubs only. It clearly does not make provision for sub associations.

In addition, the Executive of the EBDCA is empowered by its constitution to appoint sub-committees as they deem fit. The constitution can only be altered at an AGM which is slated for next summer in 2011 at which time this situation will be addressed. The sub-committee appointed is headed by Mr. John Trim and includes Lancelot Easton, Wanda Richmond, Sharon Williams and Sydney Cumberbatch.

The release went on to state, “This sub-committee has been mandated to commence the Persaud’s Twenty20 competition in the Linden area this weekend with 13 teams invited to participate, namely: Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie Sports Club, Bayroc, Christianburg, Bosai, Genesis, Three Friends/Young Achievers, Endeavour, Uprising, Classic, West Watooka, Coomacka & Royal Champions.

This competition has already commenced in the East Bank area and it is anticipated that the semi finals will feature two teams from the Linden zone and two from the East Bank zone.

Among the persons present at this meeting were President of the EBDCA Rohan Sarjoo, Vice Presidents Johnny Azeez and John Trim, Assistant Secretary Sharon Williams. Secretary of the Demerara Cricket Board, Raj Singh along with the President of the Linden Chamber of Commerce Marvin Burns was invited to this meeting and gave their blessings and advice on the chosen path for the development of cricket in Linden and by extension, East Bank Demerara.

A follow up meeting is planned for November 15, 2010 at the Mackenzie Sports Club at 17:00hrs where all clubs are invited to send their representatives.