EBDCA Responds To Legall

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur News Staff

Dear Editor,

We read with dismay the futile attempt by Mr. Ron Legall to represent the audacious actions of the Cricket Development Committee (CDC) of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB). In another correspondence, we had carefully outlined the cricket structure as it currently exists in Guyana with specific reference to the county of Demerara.

Mr. Legall’s arguments are so feeble that they do not even warrant a response, but for the sake of clarity we will try to set the record straight and respond to each of the few points raised in his article.

Mr. Legall's first point relates the geographic boundaries of the regions as it relates to Upper Demerara and EBDCA, stating that Upper Demerara is in Region 10 and EBDCA is in Region 4 and, as such, the EBDCA cannot have jurisdiction over the Upper Demerara region. Mr. Legall has been around long enough to he fully acquainted with the administrative structure of Guyana’s cricket which is definitely not constituted along the lines of the “REGIONAL” political system highlighted by the cricket scorer and statistician, Mr. Legall.  Mr. Legall seems to have his politics a bit confused and mixed up. In addition, EBDCA is not an area but an association.

For the public and the CDC’s knowledge, the Guyana Cricket Board administers cricket in the entire country of Guyana through its 3 county Boards, Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice. Each County is made up of various area associations with Demerara being made up of 4 specific geographical area associations, namely, West Demerara Cricket Association, East Bank Demerara Cricket Association, Georgetown Cricket Association, East Coast Cricket Association.

Upper Demerara inclusive of Linden, geographically falls within the boundaries of the East Bank Demerara area and has been playing cricket under the purview of the EBDCA ever since its inception. In fact, Mackenzie Sports Cub is a founding member of the EBDCA. Several other Clubs in the Upper Demerara area have since applied and been granted associate member club status within the EBDCA.

Secondly, Mr. Legall alleges that the UDCA is an autonomous body which is affiliated to the CDC of the GCB through the issuance and the acceptance of an invitation from the CDC to the esteemed Basil Butcher. This statement is so absurd and ridiculous that I am sure if Mr. Butcher sees his name attached to such he would recoil at the level of ignorance and diatribe that is being attached to his glorious name.

How can a sub-committee (CDC) of a Board (GCB) seek affiliation from an administrative body (UDCA) from another region with purportedly broader powers of cricket administration? The CDC is tasked with cricket development matters solely whilst the UDCA was supposedly in charge of total cricket administration in the Upper Demerara area including cricket development in that area.

It seems that Mr. Legall is suggesting that the CDC is a parallel Board with the GCB and can have individual associations/counties/regions affiliated to it. Mr Legall is also insinuating that autonomy can be achieved by a simple invitation from the CDC/parallel Board to attend its meetings and the acceptance of that invitation from any famous individual, thus forming a link. This is most far-fetched, outlandish and ludicrous.

Mr. Legall’s next point relates to the power of EBDCA to place a freeze on the operations of the UDCA contending that this was not logistically possible. He is correct that this is not ‘logistically’ possible as it is instead legally’ possible through the constitution of the EBDCA, a copy of which I am sure is in his possession for his and his Committee’s consultation.

The remainder of the article just lists the persons in attendance and discussion points with those present. That is all what they are: just discussion points. Nothing has materialized since their numerous visits 6 months ago save and except, running off illegal elections without any of the incumbents present.

It should be noted that clubs from the Upper Demerara area participated in the 2009 Hand-in-Hand competition, which was administered by the EBDCA for this area.

Rohan Sarjoo, President