Ebo Must Ensure Proper Elections

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Kaieteur News
Rafiq Ishmail

Essequibo Cricket officials must ensure proper elections

Dear Editor,

It has been brought to my attention that the Annual General Meeting of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) is scheduled to be held on Sunday.

I have also been reliably informed that this is a move to remove Prince Holder as the President and replace him with Fizul Bacchus.

This move is being orchestrated by the court injuncted Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Anand Sanasie who many Cricket officials in Essequibo have accused of interfering in the internal affairs of the Essequibo Cricket Board thereby creating much confusion and disharmony.

Since he ousted Harnarine Tiwari as president of the West Demerara Cricket Association, Sanasie has earned a reputation for improperly imposing his presence in various elections of cricket boards, associations and clubs including the Georgetown Cricket Association, the Essequibo Cricket Board and the East Bank Cricket Association where he appeared as the Returning Officer.

For reasons best known to himself, Sanasie’s interest in cricket is only to be in charge.  In my view he is completely hopeless at cricket administration and for the six years he headed the West Demerara Cricket Association, he did nothing to promote or develop the game in that important area.

No cricket is played in West Demerara and the few remaining grounds, except Uitvlugt, are in a sorry state. Remarkably, one club on West Demerara, the New Acqualine Cricket Club, has applied to the Georgetown Cricket Association for membership. That club, like many others in West Demerara, has fallen away because of the disastrous administration of cricket by Sanasie and his gang.

Essequibians must reject any attempt by Sanasie to be a part of the elections especially as the Returning Officer, a position for which he manipulates proceedings. As Sanasie was reported to be in Essequibo actively campaigning for Fizul Bacchus and making promises to appoint persons as manager (s) of the national team (s), official of the ECB must caution him to stay out of the affairs of Essequibo Cricket. He should not be at the Annual General Meeting of the ECB.

It is well known that in  many cricket elections there is a “money for vote” arrangement and a serious change was made a few months ago that some persons in Essequibo accepted money to boycott elections for the GCB Executive.

Maybe the Regional Office in Essequibo together with the Ministry of Sport can ensure there is a no trickery in the upcoming elections of the ECB.

Rafiq Ishmail

Anna Regina