ECB: Stakeholders Lack Support

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Kaieteur News
Fizul Bacchus

Dear Sports Mr. Editor,

I read, with interest, your article on the failed petition presented to parliament by Government MP Mr. Odinga Lumumba. I also read a letter from the Presidents of West Demerara and East Bank Demerara Cricket Associations. The failed attempt at an apology by the group dubbed “stakeholders”, in your December 15 edition, was even more interesting as their arithmetic seem quite skewered.

I am the President of the Essequibo Cricket Board which consists of eight constituent members called area committees. Seven of those members have indicated to me that they had no part in the petition and the eighth member headed by a former ECB President had, in the past, publicly denounced Government’s involvement in Cricket and refused to participate in their IMC.

The stakeholders and Mr. Lumumba obviously cannot count. If, at least, 50% of Demerara and at least 7/8 of Essequibo and a majority of clubs and sub Association in Berbice knows nothing about the cricket petition before Parliament, where does the 90% participation claimed by the stakeholders come from?  The major clubs in Georgetown and East Coast namely Everest, GCC, DCC, Enmore, Enterprise, Unity and Ogle among others had no clue about this petition.

The “Stakeholders” have now publicly admitted that West Demerara, East Bank Demerara and Essequibo did not sign on to the petition, who else did not? Certainly West Berbice, Upper Corentyne, Albion and many other clubs and Associations in Berbice did not sign.

Mr. Norman McLean claims to be President of the Cricket Board as a signatory on the defeated petition. If I recall correctly this is the same “former GCB President” that was defeated by Chetram Singh in 1991 because the GCB was bankrupt under his leadership.

Another prominent signatory is Mr. Claude Raphael, a former Chairman of Selectors. Another that comes to mind is Mr. Malcolm Peters, a former GCB Vice President.

My brothers in West Berbice, Corentyne and Albion have assured me that they did not sign any petition and continue to support the GCB and its prudent management of the Board with its limited resources.

My brothers and sisters in Linden do not be the proverbial “football” in the government’s cricket politics.

I pledge my dedication to this fight against a piece of legislation that proposes to seize private assets and trample upon the rights of our people. The slander in this obnoxious petition is a disgrace to our parliament and society at large. Further it abounds with lies and misconception bordering on being criminal on the presenter’s behalf.

Our Parliament still has honorable members thanks to Comrade Basil Williams and colleagues.

Mr. Fizul Bacchus

President of Essequibo Cricket Board