Enterprise: We Support Bill

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Kaieteur News
Karan Ramdhoon

Dear Editor,

We refer to the outrageous letter written by Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) President Fizul Bacchus titled ‘Mr. Lumumba, the “stakeholders” and Government should all apologize’ and dated 16th December, 2013.

We at the Enterprise Busta Sports Club emphatically state that:

No one from our club spoke to Fizul Bacchus or anyone from the ECB concerning the Cricket Petition or the Cricket Administration Bill (CAB).

We strongly disassociate our club and its membership from this abusive and disrespectful article.

We wholly support the cricket petition presented by PPP\C Member of Parliament Mr. Odinga Lumumba and regret that it was not accepted by the opposition in the National Assembly for their owned raison d’être that of alleged ‘loaded language’.

We firmly restate our full support for the Cricket Administration Bill 2012 that was tabled by the Hon. Minister of Sport Dr. Frank Anthony and request that it be given extraordinary attention by the National Assembly. As was articulated in the Cricket Petition, we reiterate that this piece of legislation will bring professionalism, order, democracy and legality to our cricket. W also wish to applaud and support the East Coast Cricket Board, the Berbice Cricket Board, the Georgetown Cricket Association, the Upper Demerara Cricket Association and the thousands of persons across Guyana who signed the petition and showed their support for this important bill.

Finally, no one is allowed to make statement on behalf of our club except for those who are duly authorised to do so and Mr. Bacchus should be better advised to focus his attention on the apparent mismanagement of Essequibo Cricket Board which evidently is in a dilapidated state and the least productive Cricket Board in Guyana.

Karan Ramdhoon