GCA Clubs Make Statement

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Claude Raphael

Dear Editor,

Colin Croft’s call for an “Egyptian style” revolution in our cricket administration seemed to galvanise the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) member clubs into action and vote for “Cricket” and not “Politics”, at their AGM held on Monday 28th February at the GNIC Pavilion, Woolford Avenue, Thomas Lands.

The 35 Delegates from 14 member Clubs along with the approximately 40 observers from the immediate cricketing Diaspora overwhelmingly returned Mr. Roger Harper to office by a major of 28 votes to 7 seven. The only challenge to the orderly, well organised and efficiently conducted meeting was Alfred Mentore’s for the Presidency.  No other position was challenged.

“Team Mentore” included Anand Sanasie President of West Demerara Cricket Association, Secretary of the GCB and Director of WICB; Ramsay Ali Vice President Delegate of GCC and Marketing Manager of the GCB, Mr. Sherlock Atwell former President of DCC and GCA, and also Mr. Calvin Roberts (reporter), whose attempt to replace the Bona Fide delegates of Ace Warriors Club was thwarted by Roger Harper’s sharpness and the timely appearance of the genuine delegates.

Ironically the only attempt to question Mr. Harper’s efficient management of the GCA came from Messrs Alfred Mentore and Sherlock Atwell, members of Mr. Harper’s Club DCC.

Their feeble attempts to discredit Mr. Harper had the reverse effect of embarrassing the gentlemen themselves; and in my view had some direct effect on the final landslide victory, particularly the issue of the Busta Tournament sponsorship, which Mr. Mentore seemed incapable of explaining.

Also, there is the fact that Mentore’s Executive failed to hand over the documents, minutes etc to Mr. Harper when he assumed office in January 2010.

Two other significant factors at the meeting were:

  1. That the DCC representatives openly came to challenge Mr. Harper, a product of their club from a tender age (as alluded to by Mr. Atwell in one of his comments) and who not only did an excellent job in his first term of office but is an icon in the cricketing arena locally and internationally, where he served with dignity and distinction throughout his career and has been made a DCC Legend.
  2. The fact is that the GCC was not represented by a single cricket ‘oriented” person Mr. Ramsay Ali, the aspiring GCB presidential candidate seemed terribly out of depth and did not contribute a single word to the gathering on any aspect of the many cricket matters. He only spoke when he nominated Alfred Mentore for President of the GCA.

Coming behind all that was said, and discussed at the meeting this attitude made me grimace and recall the much spoken but seldom practiced adage of “Let Cricket be the Winner”.

It certainly made me wonder as to, where our cricket is heading. However, all is not lost; with the likes of Roger Harper, Bissoondyal Singh, Pretipaul Jaigobin, and a few other young and capable administrators; the present debacle can be salvaged.

It therefore requires all cricketing bodies, including clubs, associations, boards and public supporters to reflect on Colin Croft’s call and the Georgetown Clubs to historical stand; and thereafter to take the necessary action to rid our cricket of persons who know nothing about cricket, care nothing about cricket, but seek only to promote their interest and their prominence.

Now is the time to act by using this occasion as the springboard for our efforts to change the landscape of our cricket on the field and off the field. Only then can cricket truly be the winner.

Claude Raphael