GCA Demands Evidence

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

The Georgetown Cricket Association on Thursday night issued a press statement on the allegations by the Demerara and Berbice Cricket Boards against Former National Cricket team Captain Travis Dowlin.

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) has since retracted their allegations against the Demerara and Guyana player. The GCA expressed serious concern over the matter in the statement calling for an urgent investigation.

The GCA statement read:-

“The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) is very concerned about a series of recent articles indicating that a letter, signed by the Presidents of the Demerara and Berbice cricket boards, was sent to the Guyana Cricket Board Executives containing the following paragraph about the then national Captain Mr. Travis Dowlin… ‘We have heard some very disturbing reports regarding the type of leadership our current national Captain has been displaying towards some players which borders on racism and would urge that this matter be investigated and dealt with forthwith.’

The GCA has a policy of zero tolerance toward racism…especially when it involves a player who represents one of our affiliate clubs. It is in this vein the association has begun making its own inquiries into this matter.

This process has already begun with preliminary discussions with Mr. Dowlin concerning the allegations. From these discussions it became apparent to us that Mr. Dowlin has been unjustly accused. Notwithstanding, we urge that an independent investigation be conducted that will provide clarification and closure to these allegations.

Throughout our preliminary discussion Mr. Dowlin has express his concern about the possible effects these unsubstantiated allegations will have on the lives of his wife and children.

We now demand both the Demerara and Berbice Cricket Boards to provide evidence supporting the allegations outlined in their letter to the Guyana Cricket Board as soon as possible. The supply of any evidence will assist the GCA in our deliberations concerning this most disturbing state of affairs.

We consider the actions of Demerara and Berbice Cricket Boards to be irresponsible since they did not seek an explanation from the parties involved. Such allegations in our society should be handled carefully and sending a copy of an unsubstantiated allegation is not the best approach.

It must be emphasised that we are not saying such allegations should not be investigated, but what disturbs the Association is the manner in which these two Boards went about it. It is disturbing that the GCA had to learn about this serious allegation through the media and not from the Boards. It appears no consideration was taken for the possible effects these unsubstantiated allegations will have on the Players, Clubs and cricket in general.

Equally damaging were the actions of the media. While being mindful of the media’s role in society, greater care should have been taken to verify the information supplied by their “sources” while no attempts were made to contact Mr. Dowlin for a comment before printing such a serious allegation.