GCA, ECCB U-15 Teams Unofficial

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) and Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) officials remained puzzled up to Wednesday afternoon on who selected Under-15 teams to participate in the Demerara Cricket Board  (DCB) Inter-Association cricket competition that starts today.

In addition, the association boards also protested the move by the purported DCB to organise the tournament, demonstrating their non-recognition of the body and its unknown executives, headed by businessman Raj Singh.

President of the GCA Roger Harper, speaking with Guyana Times Sport, claimed that the GCA did not submit a team to the DCB organiners, noting that the association is focusing all its effort on its own Under-15 tournament that bowls off on Saturday.

Harper said, “I do not know about any DCB Inter-Association tournament or any DCB. To my understanding, there is an injunction against the DCB.

Further, head of the ECCB Bissoondyal Singh, said that the board has not released a squad to participate in the tournament. He said and the ECCB cannot be part of any DCB organised tournaments at the moment since a DCB does not exist.

Meanwhile, in an effort to establish who actually submitted the GCA and ECCB squads to the DCB, Alfred Mentore, who is part of the organising committee for the tournament, referred this publication to the Raj Singh. However, efforts to reach Singh were futile.

Colin Europe, another member of the organising committee, told this publication that he has nothing to do with regards to the tournament.

The DCB, for the past three years, has been blanketed in one court case after the other, caused by a crippling power struggle that resulted in factions led by businessmen, Bissoondyal Singh and Raj Singh. Eventually, a court ruling in the High Court prohibited both factions from acting on behalf of the entity after both factions held separate elections back in January of 2010.

Surprisingly, the Raj Singh faction of the DCB subsequently held elections, but more than a month later it is unclear who were the persons elected to hold positions on the board.

The ECCB and GCA were not part of the DCB elections. Hours before the elections another injunction was served against the Raj Singh faction.
WICB letter

On the other hand, Singh and Harper had written to president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Dr Julian Hunte, on February 9 and 28 respectively, enquiring about the names of the persons that represented the DCB at the recently held Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) elections.

In that letter the duo stated, “As the two (2) major constituent members of the four (4)-member DCB, we respectfully request your assistance in providing us with the names of those persons who purportedly represented the DCB at the illegal GCB elections. This vital information has not been made public and it appears to be a closely-guarded secret.”

The two also questioned the legality of the GCB elections. The WICB is still to respond to Singh and Harper’s request.

Meanwhile, for today’s matches East Bank play Georgetown at DCC while East Coast oppose West Demerara at Wales. The competition continues tomorrow with East Bank playing West Demerara at Wales and East Coast taking on Georgetown at Everest.

The competition concludes on Saturday with West Demerara playing Georgetown at Everest and East Coast tackling East Bank at DCC.