GCA Responds To KN Article

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

The Georgetown Cricket Association is responding to an article in Kaieteur News on 17th March, 2011, with the headline – Mentore claims he had to do present GCA’s job.

Your article began by stating that former President of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) Alfred Mentore says that he had to perform the job of collecting sponsorship funds which should have been the responsibility of the present GCA executive since he was no longer a GCA office bearer.

The article quoted Mentore as saying, “At the last Annual General Meeting questions were raised about funds not collected by the previous Executives, specifically funds relating to the Busta Sponsorship. On demitting office, I informed the members of the Executives, particular the Treasurer of the Georgetown Cricket Association to collect a specified sum that was outstanding from a local supermarket as I was no longer a part of Executive or authorised to uplift the payment. In what can only be classified as dereliction of duty the new Executives made no attempt to uplift the funds and when questions were raised, they dastardly implied that it was the responsibility of the past President,” Mentore continued.

The article further stated that the businessman said he was shocked to learn about the issue a year after he demitted office and informed that he then took the necessary actions to remedy the situation.

In Response The GCA would like to make the following points, sorry, state the following TRUTHS:

  1. Mr Alfred Mentore and the Secretary of the GCA during his presidency, Mr Shalim Baksh, FAILED to hand over any documents to the 2010 GCA Executives that succeeded them.  They did not hand over the files and other items that should have been the property of the GCA although they were asked to do so on several occasions.
  2. At least four members of the GCA 2010 Executive had discussions with Mr Alfred Mentore, at different times during 2010, on the subject of the said sponsorship funds, our Treasurer – Mr Harry Parmesar, our Assistant Treasurer – Mr Dennis Wilson, our Vice-President Mr Neil Barry and our President, Mr Roger Harper.  Mr Mentore gave these Executives the impression that he did not know what had happened to the funds and suggested that he was working on tracing the funds through the beverage company.
  3. Without any documents to go on members of the GCA 2010 Executive spoke to the management of the relevant supermarket but were told that the funds had been paid and if we wanted to query it we should bring the relevant documents.
  4. There was a Kaieteur News reporter present at the GCA’s AGM referred to in the article. That reporter appeared to be taking copious notes during that meeting and based on what transpired at that AGM that reporter should have known that the claims made in the article carried in your paper on 17th March 2011 were at the very least inaccurate.
  5. The GCA 2011 Executive is delighted that the sponsorship funds have finally reached their rightful destination, the GCA’s account.
  6. All sponsors and supporters of the GCA 2010 would tell Mr Mentore that that Executive was neither tardy nor derelict in the collection of funds, sponsorship or otherwise.

GCA Executive 2011.