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Secretary of the Cricket Development Committee (CDC) of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Ron Legall  has issued a statement in response to a letter from East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA) President Rohan Sarjoo titled “EBDCA Restructures Cricket Administration in Linden”, published in the Kaieteur News, on October 03, 2010.

Sarjoo stated that geographically, constitutionally, historically and logistically cricket administration in this area falls under the purview of the EBDCA. Legall says “Geographically” the Upper Demerara area is in Region 10 and the EBDCA in Region 4 and asks how could the EBDCA be responsible for cricket administration in the Upper Demerara area?

Legall claims that constitutionally, the Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA) is an autonomous body with its own constitution. He explained that it was for this reason that the GCB sent an invitation letter, years ago, to Basil Butcher of the UDCA requesting him to serve on the CDC, adding that Butcher accepted the invitation and became the sole link between Linden and the GCB.

Therefore, if the EBDCA was responsible for cricket administration in Linden the GCB need not have invited Mr. Butcher to be the link between the GCB and the Upper Demerara area.  Note that I say Upper Demerara area, of which Linden is a part,” Legall said.

Legall says the UDCA was established about 10 years ago and since then has been an autonomous body.  Further, the UDCA holds its own Annual General Meeting (AGM) but no such meeting has been held for 4 years until 9 of the 15 member clubs decided to do something about it.  Legall opined that logistically the EBDCA has no authority to place a ‘freeze’ on the operations of the UDCA and to replace it with a sub-committee of the EBDCA.

The EBDCA said it strongly denounces the subversive and divisive actions of a few misguided individuals on the Guyana Cricket Board operating under the guise of the Cricket Development Committee and noted that cricket development seems not to be any part of the agenda of this body which seems ‘hell bent’ on overseeing the destruction of cricket at all levels in Guyana’. Legall described that as ridiculous and listed several CDC members who attended meetings in Linden at the invitation of members of the UDCA.

He said Bissoondyal Singh (vice president of GCB and chairman of the CDC), Ronald Williams (assistant secretary of GCB and chairman of the Grounds Sub-committee of the CDC), Claude Raphael (chairman of the Senior Selection Committee and also chairman of the Women’s Cricket Committee) and Pretipaul Jaigobin (assistant treasurer of GCB and CDC sub-committee member on financial matters) along with GCB officials Grantley Culbard, Omar Bacchus, Samaroo Jailall, Ronald Legall and Malcolm Peters have all been involved in helping the UDCA.

Legall said a wide range of issues affecting cricket at all levels in the Upper Demerara area were discussed.  The focus was on rehabilitating the infrastructure and to provide for the overall development of the game in the area.

Are such discussions subversive and divisive actions by members of the CDC of the GCB?  The CDC of the GCB is annoyed over the derogatory remarks said to have come from the EBDCA,” Legall stated. Legall feels that Sarjoo and the EBDCA have failed to do anything for cricket on the East Bank of Demerara adding that facilities, including grounds and cricket competitions are found wanting.   

The EBDCA has no authority to put a ‘freeze’ on the UDCA and to replace it with a sub-committee of the EBDCA and must take back remarks made in the newspaper article,” Legall concluded.