GCB Holds Elections

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Kaieteur Staff

The Guyana Cricket Board yesterday held its elections at the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) Pavilion, Bourda, which was observed by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), but a serious legal cloud hangs over the entire process, which has been frowned upon and cited as disrespectful.

After news of the election and that Dru Bahadur has been elected to serve as the new GCB President along with the other executives, the question of a standing High Court injunction filed since February 2012 and granted by Chief Justice Ian Chang and the serving of injunctions halting the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) elections on Friday last was raised.

Kaieteur Sport sought the advice and clarification of Attorney General (AG) of Guyana, Anil Nandlall on this matter and the implications relating to the whole cricket administration process here.

The AG first informed that an injunction was granted in February 2012 by Justice Chang and during the year there was “fabricated confusion” by those injuncted against, who pedaled information that the injunction was discharged and they started acting again as GCB members.

This action was reported to Justice Chang and in December of last year he called in all the concerned parties and indicated in clear terms that the injunction was not discharged.

Last week contempt proceedings were also filed against several persons involved in contravening the court ruling.

The Attorney General further disclosed that the Parliament had activated a process to establish legal structures for cricket administration in Guyana and yet the persons holding themselves out to represent cricket and cricket administration here went ahead, in breach of the ruling of the High Court, and held elections.

The AG further strengthened his argument by noting that injunctions were granted last week restraining the DCB from holding elections, yet they went ahead in total disregard of the law. He stated that the important thing to notice in the whole episode was that “it was a demonstration that these persons are prepared to act in defiance of the laws and Court orders and even a parliamentary process.”

Mr. Nandlall further asked, “Can we seriously entrust people of these tendencies to administer the affairs of a national sport, especially since they know the reforms are to establish a structure that is legal and would make the administration structure accountable and transparent?” He further reasoned, “These actions are clearly intended to subvert an important process. Unfortunately these persons continue to enjoy support of the WICB.”

The next step according to the AG is that, the legality of the elections of both the DCB and GCB is currently subjected to legal proceedings which the High Court will determine shortly.