GCB Moves To Quash IMC

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) has moved to the High Court to nullify Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony’s decision to set up an Interim Management Committee (IMC) in its place, and has also apprised the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

Kaieteur Sports understands that Lionel Jaikarran and Chetram Singh in their capacity as trustees of the GCB filed an ‘Order or Rule Nisi of Certiorari’ seeking to quash the decision of December 23 that Anthony apparently made to appoint an IMC in place of the GCB. Anthony’s decision to appoint an IMC “to conduct the affairs and administration of cricket in the State of Guyana in place and stead of the GCB” was viewed as being “unlawful, ultra vires, capricious, contrary to and devoid of legal foundation, without lawful authority and arbitrary,” in the Court Order.

The minister was summoned to “attend before this Honourable Court and to show cause why the said Order Nisi should not be made absolute”. Attorneys-at-Law, Fenton H.W. Ramsahoye and/ or Sanjeev J. Datadin, filed the writ in the High Court on behalf of the applicants. This newspaper contacted GCB Secretary, Anand Sanasie for comment on the matter and he said that he was not at liberty to discuss the issues in detail. He informed, however, that their lawyers have been handling the writ, and they will be sending all correspondences to the WICB for some intervention on the matter.

I will have much more information soon, but I know that our lawyers are dealing with it and it’s something that we will ensure engage the attention of the WICB. There’re a lot of broader issues here, I will have more information later this week,” Sanasie said. The GCB Secretary, who is also a WICB Director, indicated that as far as he knows the WICB is recognising the GCB as the only authentic body to run cricket in Guyana. “The GCB as it exists under the Presidency of Ramsay Ali is the only authorised body to run cricket in Guyana,” he told this newspaper.

The WICB is opposed to Government intervention in the administration of the GCB, who is the nationally recognised board to manage cricket and cricket affairs in Guyana. Earlier this year, the WICB President, Dr. Julian Hunte had cause to fly to Guyana to mediate between warring factions after Government had intervened. It is unclear how the WICB will handle this issue now, but Sanasie said that by Friday he should have something concrete from the regional board. After several months of delay and debate, the GCB finally had elections this year to elect Ali as its new President.