GCB Nominates Lloyd For WICB

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

Executives of the Guyana Cricket Board on Thursday voted in favour of supporting Clive Lloyd’s nomination for the WICB Presidency. Mr Lloyd had made a formal request to the body authorised by the WICB to administer and manage cricket in the territory of Guyana, the Guyana Cricket Board.

As Kaieteur Sport had reported earlier, Clive Lloyd’s biggest hurdle may be to secure a Territorial Board to second the GCB nomination. The WICB articles require that two full members must make the nominations and the candidate then provides the board with an acceptance letter.

Mr. Lloyd may not have time on his side as the nominations closed yesterday and he may not have secured a second full member’s signature. Inside sources have confirmed that the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board and Barbados Cricket Association had made some commitments to Lloyd when he met those bodies during last week.

Many also felt that only the TTCB may be able to second his nomination as all the other territories have been committed to the other two candidates as Lloyd may have signalled his intentions too late.

Yesterday, after the Special Executive Meeting of the GCB Kaieteur Sport was told by the Board’s Secretary and WICB Director Mr. Anand Sanasie that members expressed their views but generally supported Mr. Lloyd because he is a Guyanese icon and made a request to his country’s cricketing body for consideration. Sanasie also said that all of the Executives responded to the request except for the President of the Berbice Cricket Board, Mr. Keith Foster.

Some cricketing pundits are now baffled that Mr. Lloyd publicly said that the GCB is illegal yet sought their nomination for the WICB Presidency.

It just cannot be that the local cricket board is legalised conveniently. On the other hand, the WICB has continuously maintained that the GCB is the recognised body, in Guyana, to manage and administer cricket. This is yet another spin in the ongoing cricket saga.

Kaieteur Sport also understands that recent changes to the WICB Inc. Articles of Association prohibit Directors from representing their territorial boards. This was one of the recommendations of the famous Wilkins report on governance that the Members accepted at their last meeting. If this is indeed true, then this is the first time that no director will represent their territory at the WICB Annual General Meeting.