GCB Presidency Race - Part 2

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

The contest for the pinnacle position of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), which has been at the centre of much speculation, has developed further interest with renowned sports journalist and Sports Consultant of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira, throwing his support behind candidate Ramsay Ali.

According to a press release issued by Perreira, who said he has been acquainted with Ali for the past 30 years, Ali is the best candidate for the presidency since he is capable of bringing all the stakeholders together in the best interest of Guyana’s cricket.

The former chairman of the National Sports Council believes Ali’s strong marketing skills make him an ideal candidate for the presidency of the GCB. Perreira noted that he was impressed with Ali’s calm temperament and democratic but firm way of making decisions. This, Perreira believes, can serve Guyana’s cricket well.

The veteran cricket commentator further pointed out that Ramsay, who is also the Marketing Officer of the GCB, is no stranger to the day-to-day workings of the GCB and its shortcomings, having spent four years as the head of its marketing department.

Meanwhile, the Annual General Meeting and elections of the GCB will take place on Sunday, January 30, at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion.

Ali informed this publication, during an exclusive interview, that his tenure over the years functioning as the marketing manager of the Guyana Cricket Board has made him fully understand the structure of cricket that the board has attempted to put in place at all levels.

I also know why some of these programmes have not delivered to expectations. I believe that with my ability to manage people and execute projects from bottom up, I will bring to the board a different skill set that is missing. As president I know I can make a positive impact on Guyana’s cricket,” Ali related.

Ali further stated that there are four major areas that he will focus immediately on should he secure the top post:

  1. Secondary schools cricket for both males and females. This programme must be developed in conjunction with the Education and Youth, Culture & Sports Ministries. The existing programme has a good base but it needs strong corporate support for at least a three to five-year period.
  2. The first division clubs in Guyana need urgent help in the area of funding. With careful planning, playing of T20 & T10 cricket in communities country-wide can be a very effective way to help these clubs raise funds. The GCB will get the sponsorship for these events as well as ensure that our best available cricketers participate in these games.
  3. Corporate sponsorship is one of the key components if Guyana’s cricket programme is to produce world- class cricketers. We need to reclaim the sponsorships we have lost in the last year or so and get new sponsors on board, especially as it regards our female cricket. This will not be an easy task; we will need to demonstrate to corporate Guyana that we are competent, efficient and effective, and must demonstrate good governance to attract them.
  4. A professional league is quite possible and necessary now at this time of Guyana’s cricket. One of the main benefits of this league is that it will allow our “ good and future prospects” to remain at home. We must engage former county and national players to be a part of the development planning of the GCB and, if possible, sit on the executive.

It was mentioned in yesterday’s edition, that whether it was Bissoondyal Singh, Ramsay Ali or Bish Panday, the position must be filled and that it’s not only about the president, but the support staff, which should be an interconnected, supportive and proficient unit. This, allied with strong corporate and government support, is certainly what Guyana’s cricket is desperately in need of.