GCB Presidency Race - Part 3

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

The national senior cricket team departed the Cheddi Jagan International Airport yesterday for Antigua in their quest to defend their regional T20 title. However, behind doors and off the field here in Guyana, the question surrounding the presidency of the Guyana Cricket Board, (GCB) when the long-serving Chetram Singh demits office, is in full play as candidates campaign for support.

Three candidates have indicated their interest to serve Guyana’s cricket for the next two years. They are the present GCB Vice-president Bissoondyal Singh, GCB Marketing Manager Ramsay Ali and former GCB Secretary Bishwa Panday, who has declared that he would only contest for the GCB presidency if the three county boards share his vision for a new era in Guyana’s cricket.

In our previous editions “Race for GCB presidency heats up – Parts 1 & 2” both Ali and Singh made public their views on the way forward for Guyana’s cricket. For today’s installment, Guyana Times Sports spoke with Bishwa Panday.

Panday, a prominent businessman, revealed that he would only contest for the top post if the county boards need him. “After the three county boards’ elections, I will see whether the three executives share my vision for a new dawn in Guyana’s cricket. If so, and I have the support, I will contest," Panday related.

Panday further revealed that his 25 years of experience as a cricket administrator is key to him making a difference.

I have experience running a club. I was secretary and then president of the Gandhi Youth Organisation, president of the Georgetown Cricket Association and honorary secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board. I have a clear understanding of cricket administration and the challenges for clubs, associations and boards. Also, my absence from full time administration (I have served over the past two years as marketing consultant to the Berbice board) has given me the opportunity to have a look in from the outside and provide a clear perspective of what needs to be done,” Panday further stated.

The aspiring president said that if elected to the top post, his major focus will be to restore confidence and credibility to the board.

The last two years have been horrific for the board and much of the work done and goodwill generated by many others over the past 20 years or so has been wiped out in one fell swoop. The public is simply fed up with the bickering and they are looking for new leadership. There has to be a new dispensation. Credibility, integrity, public acceptance and humility to work with everyone are critical. Concurrently, a clear programme of development has to be rolled out,” Panday expressed.

Panday further revealed that his absence from full-time cricket administration after he was defeated in the last elections by Chetram Singh could be beneficial, since he was not a part of the problem during the last two years. On the contrary, Panday feels he is the solution.

I feel I can turn the ship around in three months and set it on its right course. Again this is no pie-in-the-sky boast. Check what happened at GCA in my first three months. I just need to broaden the scope, but the template is there,” Panday stated.

The Annual General Meeting and elections of the GCB will take place on Sunday, January 30, at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion.