GCB President In Ugly Incident

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur Staff

Dear Editor,

We the stakeholders of Guyana cricket were informed by some of our national cricketers that an extremely ugly incident involving the President of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), Dru Bahadur.

The National Cricket Team was preparing for departure and this activity was being covered by the press.

The cricketers who witnessed the incident reported that Dru Bahadur launched a verbal assault on Guyana Times reporter Rajiv Bisnauth during which he used a series of expletives and threatening language.

Although cautioned about his behavior especially in the full view of the national cricketers and the public, Bahadur arrogantly refused to tone down and continued his tirade for sometime.

The controversial Anand Sanasie, who claims that he is the secretary of the GCB, looked on and said or did nothing to remotely suggest that he disapproved of Bahadur’s atrocious conduct.

To his considerable credit, Rajiv Bisnauth although shocked and embarrassed did not respond.

After the sordid episodes of the recent elections, the blatant disregard of injunctions and the hijacking of the GCB, this latest episode have sunk our national game to an all-time low. The persons holding themselves out as officers of the GCB are making a mockery of our cricket as they continue their hold of the GCB. In this regard, Rajesh Singh must be congratulated for disconnecting himself from the GCB by resigning as the Assistant Secretary.

We have since learnt that two (2) other persons have resigned from positions on Sub-Committees of the GCB.

We are heartened by the fact that media organizations in Guyana, the region and further afield have been duly informed of Bahadur’s abuse of a reporter in the execution of his duties.

We trust that, as this disgraceful incident is now in the public domain, the Commissioner of Police will take affirmative action by having Bahadur answer to the court for this clear act of lawlessness. Media Personnel must be protected from such hostilities.

At a personal level, Bahadur must be cognizant of the fact that, as a professional accountant, he is expected at all times to conduct himself properly and to hold himself up to the highest standard of integrity.

Sadly as a result of his reprehensible display he has embarrassed his profession, his family and Guyana cricket.

And this coming from a man who has not made a contribution in any shape or form to the development of cricket not even at the club level and he now pretends to be the president of the most important sport organization in Guyana. What a shame!

The Stakeholders of Guyana Cricket strongly condemn this latest fiasco involving the cabal that has hijacked our dear game.

We call on the West Indies Cricket Board to urgently intervene in Guyana Cricket in order for proper and legal elections to be held involving all stakeholders, and for a decent and responsible GCB to be installed.

Guyana National Cricket Stakeholders